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Name: Arnaaluk Tartok

Age: 38 years old (equivalent age in human years is about 18)

Birthday: May 5th,1982

Gender: Female

Species: Akhlut

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: 11th

College Major: N/A

Appearance Description:
Humanoid Form:
art by Pallas, myself

In her humanoid form Arnaaluk takes on a form of a human/orca hybrid that stands just over 9 feet tall (10 feet if you include her crest) and weights nearly 1000 pounds. Her skin is smooth and rubbery to the touch, yet it also belies a firm musculature sculpted from a lifetime of hunting and swimming. One look at her flesh and she is a striking mosaic of contrasts with much of her face, belly, undersides of her arms and legs pale as snow while the rest black as ebony. This interplay of black and white is further enhanced with tribalistic tattoos that paint her body with beautiful displays of lines and simple geometric shapes. While human mostly in appearance, she also spouts a pair of short fins on her forearms, a tall crest rising up from the midline of her hair, and a powerful tail that ends in wide fluke.

Arnaaluk’s face structure is oval accompanied with flat cheeks and a narrow nose. Behind grey bow-shaped lips are pointed conical teeth instead of the flat incisors a human would usually have. Her eyes are thin and monolid in shape and though her iris may appear black in color, they are actually a very deep brown upon close inspection. Along her pale face are black decorative markings along her cheeks and where her eyebrows should be. There are also several tattoos along her chin and forehead. Along with the foot-tall crest on the top of her head, she had long brown hair tied together into several braids that hang down to her shoulders and held with ivory beads. While readily not visible, under her hair are several scars on the back of her head that look to have been caused from a boat propeller.

Arnaaluk’s clothing is sparse, covering only her bust and waist and upper legs as she prefers to keep “cool” and show of the powerful swimmer’s body she had long built up. Where she is clothed however is made up mostly of thick pelts of seals. She also wears a pair of robust sealskin boots and a specially crafted hood trimmed with polar bear fur.

Akhlut Form:
art by Pallas, myself

In her true form Arnaaluk’s appearance is best describe as some monstrous cross between a killer whale and a wolf. In this form stands 7 feet up for her feet to shoulders (or 14 feet if you count her crest) and 28 feet in length from tail to snout. Arnaaluk will also weigh in at about a hefty 8 tones in this form. In appearance she is similar to an orca with the exception that her powerfully built legs instead of flippers. Her front legs are bulky like a bear but her back legs are lean like a wolf. She lacks any sort of fur with only rubbery skin and thick blubber for insulation. Much of her markings and tattoos seen in her humanoid form carry over to this form and are found on the equivalent regions of her body.

Orca Form:
In this form she is nearly indistinguishable from any other adult orca swimming in the ocean. The only main difference observers can note are the series of tattoo markings that seem to carry over from her humanoid body. In this form she is 28 feet in length and weights nearly 8 tones.

Personality Description:
Despite her size and intimidating appearance, she is but a gentle giant. She cares deeply for others and tries to be considerate of their needs and of their troubles.

Is self-conscious of her size and takes greet care in watching where she steps. This caution also extends with minimizing dangers to herself or others. With all she has gone through, he puts plenty of thought into each of her actions and its potential ramifications.

Soft Spoken
While not shy, she is neither prone to gregariousness either. When she does speak however, she speaks with gentleness and calm that many people find relaxing to listen to.

Whether in conversation or taking part of some action, Arnaaluk is patient soul whom rarely has issue with waiting and takes as long as she needs to understand something.

Is unafraid to call people out on behaviors she disapproves of and one can always expect an honest opinion out of her.

Guilt Ridden
Thoughts of her abandoning her people and perhaps evening dooming her species to make a new life for herself at Mantra Carlos burdens and haunts Arnaaluk.

Active Abilities:
Using clicks and listening for the sound wave bouncing back as sort of sonar, Arnaaluk can “see” the world around herself almost as good as her own eyesight. With this ability Arnaaluk can safely navigate around even when its dark or her vision obscured by fog. While this ability allows her to hone in on prey many miles out to see, on thee surface its more limited as she can only about 350 feet away which is about as long as football field.

Is able to freely change between her humanoid, akhlut, and orca forms. Whatever form she takes it will take her just under a minute though she is unable to stay in “transitional” phase between her forms.

Passive Abilities:
Cold Immunity
Used to living in arctic conditions and freezing cold waters, Arnaaluk is largely indifferent to frigid temperatures and environments. She in facts such conditions comfortable for herself.

Swift Swimmer
Especially adapted to life in the water, in her humanoid and akhlut forms she can swim up to speeds of 30 miles per hour (50 km/h) for long periods of time. In her orca form however her slicker body allows her to swim up to 40 miles per hour (65 km/h).

Hold Breath
Though not able to breath underwater, her kind can hold their breaths for long periods of time. Usually they breath every 20 to 30 minutes but are able remain up to 90 minutes underwater before needing to surface for air.

Pressure Acclimation
Her specialized physiology allows to dive and endure up to 1000 ft of water exerting up to 30 atm of pressure. This ability also means they resistant to the effects of the bends when surfacing.

Enhanced Hearing
In the water Arnaaluk can hear up to thousands of miles underwater but on the surface her hearing distance is about the same as humans. But where as a human may only hear in the 0.015 to 20 kHz, Arnaaluk can hear from the 0.5 to 120 kHz range. This means that while she may not be able to hear the low frequency sounds, she has a high acuity for high frequency sounds beyond what humans can hear.

Superior Physique
The Inuit people long feared akhlut’s formidable strength and rightly so. They boast of strong endurance and are powerful enough able to lift and carry a weight of up to 1.5 tones with bite force 3 times stronger than a human. When in her akhlut or orca form she may drag up to 3 tones and has bite force of about 20,000 psi, which is about 3 times stronger than a crocodile.

Whale Speak
Can communicate with whales of all species and is capable of making all any noise a whale would make. Her humpback is bit rusty though.

Long Lived
A venerable species, typically living up to the ripe old age 240 years. Some of the oldest of Arnaaluk’s species can live up to 300 years but this is rare for her kind.

Like man cetaceans, the akhlut’s skin is highly sensitive to touch thanks to packed bundles of nerves just under the skin. This sensitivity to touch plays an big part of her culture as bumping into and feeling each other are important forms of communication. But this sensitively to touch also makes their kind prone to be being tickled easily. This may sound benign or even amusing but in ages past tickling was used as inflict punishment, torture, or even execution as being forced to laugh while underwater can be potentially fatal.

Like orcas, Arnaaluk lacks the short-wavelength cones in her eyes and has difficulty discerning colors from the blue-yellow spectrum. This leads to having trouble discerning blues and greens apart as well as confusing yellows for violets.

Despite having a nose in her humanoid form, Arnaaluk is unable to smell much like other species of cetacean.

Common Magical Items:

In ages past, the Akhlut where a feared species of underwater warriors inhabiting the Arctic waters. Their kind long survived hunting seals and whales with little contact on the surface but those few rare sightings inspired legends in the stories of Inuit people. Yet for all of their might they were aloof to the dangers of surfacers until their prey became depleted and their waters poisoned by pollution. By the time Arnaaluk was born, the Akhlut where a dying race consisting only a few hundred individuals, most of whom far too old to breed and continue the propagation of their species.

Arnaaluk birth was thus a surprise but a welcomed one to the pod consisting of about a dozen elderly Akhlut. Her parents were well past the typical breeding age of her people and thus her birth seen a divine miracle by the high spirits. Amongst her elders she was taught in the old ways of her people: ways of the hunt, the ways of craft, the ways of song, and the ways of dance. Ancient traditions that her kind have always preformed for untold millennium. With each passing of the season she performed the rites her people held sacred such as her first seal hunt, bonding with her orca companion Nukka, and fighting a bull sperm whale as part of her Coming of Age ceremony. Yet being the first healthy child born in decades was always a heavy burden for her, for she was always expected to continue the legacy of her people. A burden that would eventually culminate in an arranged marriage that her pod made no secret that she was being groomed for.

Arnaaluk was barely considered an adult for her species (being the human equivalent of 15 or 16 years of age) before she was hurried off to go marry a male from another pod. Though her husband to be Uukkarnit was nearly 30 years her senior, he was one of the few youngish males remaining and thus their union seen as best chance for producing a future generation. While Uukkarnit was considered the strongest of their race and their most championed hunter, he was also fowl tempered and prone to fits of rage. For these reasons Arnaaluk could never come to love Uukkarnit and Arnaaluk’s lack of affections to him was source of constant frustrations for him. Used to a life of privilege and always getting what he wanted, Uukkarnit became possessive and abusive of Arnaaluk as she continued to spur his advances even when they were offically wed.

Though unhappy with her forced marriage with Uukkarnit, Arnaaluk continued to stay with Uukkarnit due to his manipulations and the pods insistence that she had to do this for the good of their species. Yet it was when her orca Nukka was injured by Uukkarnit attempting to protect Arnaaluk when Uukkarnit tried to force himself on her that proved the final straw. To harm an orca was a great taboo for her culture yet when Uukkarnit got nothing more than just a slap on the wrist, Arnaaluk could no longer stomach being forced to live with such cruel man for the rest of her life. When she tried bring up the issue of a divorce her elders denied her request, calling her the selfish one to think only about herself and not her duty to the future of her species. Even her parents were of the same mind, begging that Arnaaluk just keep quite and focus on being a “better wife” to Uukkarnit. It was only her uncle Panuk whom expressed his vocal support for Arnaaluk and only he whom criticized the rest of pod for not taking Arnaaluk’s wellbeing seriously.

Scared and feeling betrayed by all whom she loved Arnaaluk took what few belongings she had fled into the deep blue sea with her orca companion Nukka to swim as far as away as she can. Before she left however, she was caught by her uncle just as she was about to leave. Instead of alerting everyone else, he offered her some sage advice and his condolences before letting her and her animal companion go into darkness. By the next day however, Uukkarnit was close on her tail and in her frantic escape to escape from him she was struck by boat propeller. When Arnaaluk finally came to, she found herself in strange white room with strange people and strange machines hooked up to her.

Not knowing where she was, she panicked and tried to escape from this strange bright place. In her confused state she nearly killed on of the strange people in the white garbs before she felt prick in the back and suddenly very sleepy. When she next woke up, this time properly restrained in her cot, she was briefed by the people whom she learned where surgeons whom had worked to save her life. When asked where she was and how she got here, it was revealed that she was in hospital in place called Mantra Carlos and that she was found by the Starlight Scouts after members of her pod and her husband alerted them of her condition. Now that she was in stable condition, island authorities question to get her side of the story as they dubious about whole thing being just an accident.

When Arnaaluk explained that she was trying to escape from her abusive husband, she was given an offer to became a resident of the island instead of being returned to her home in the arctic. After some consideration she accepted, seeing this island as her only true escape and chance to start over. A few years were spent in recovery and remedial education before finally attending proper classes in the 11th grade. Though the thoughts of how she abandoned her family and perhaps even doomed her species weighs heavily on her mind, she hopes that she can finally find happiness here in this new place. A place to call home.

Basic student amenities, allowance, and dorm provided by Starlight Academy

Additional Information:
For hobbies Arnaaluk enjoys swimming, hunting, sewing, craving, and whittling.
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Name: Arnaaluk Tartok
Apparent Age: Late teens or young adult
Gender: Female
Species: Ahklut
Height: 9 or 10 feet tall
Build: Muscular

Art by Pallas, myself

Notable Features: Black and white skin, a tall crest on her head, fins jutting out of her arms and whale tail that hangs behind her. Much of her body is covered with primitive tattoos.

Physical Quirks: Likes to hum and sing to herself when she thinks she is alone. Is also very careful about where she steps.

Abilities Summary: Can lift up 1.5 tones, can see using echolocation, can speak to whales

Reputation: A good student whom most find to be of friendly sort. Most people would recognize simply by her tall stature and striking color scheme.

Misc Information: Has partial color blindness that makes her have trouble discerning blues and greens as well as mistaking yellows for violets and vis versa. Also very ticklish.
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