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Dec 2, 2019
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ArcanExpress is a spell-making service for all your magical needs. Spell-making done for you!

The Service: ArcanExpress offers spells in the form of runic and arcane circle-script printed on appropriate magical material made to order. Spells can be from the evergreen list of always-ready products, or can be tailored and custom-made to fit your needs. The Express takes care of the heavy lifting of preparing the complex spells and delivers it right to your doorstep, ready and waiting for you to just pour the magic in and let the product do the work!

We work so you don't have to.

The Product: For each order, you receive a spell circle of your choice printed on either a tablet, scroll, or orb. The evergreen list of spells have next-day delivery and include:

Portable Light
Room Temperature Control
Basic Heal
Water Source (multiple quantity options)
Simple Search
Simple ScryBlock
Deep Clean
and more to come soon!
For custom spells, simply message ArcanExpress with your need described in as much detail and specificity as possible, and our resident sorceress extraordinaire will appraise your request, create a custom spell circle for you, and voila!
*Spells are single-use. Requests for reusable or perpetual spells will be at higher prices.
*Custom spells are charged at higher rates and will take extra time up to three days. You will be notified of the increased delay after appraisal.
*Custom spells of complexity beyond three days will be redirected to the in-house Ritual Room. You will be notified and given the option to opt out.
*Custom spells of complexity beyond three days will be charged in non-currency payments. Costs will be sent for review upon appraisal, and you will have the option to opt out.
*In the unlikely event of unachievable request, customer information will be saved for six months and notification will be sent if a way to fulfill a request is found in the six month period.
*Certain requests will not be entertained. Check the terms of service for details.

How to Use the Product: Simply take your requested spell and infuse your mana into it following the circle from the innermost to the outermost lines, and watch the spell take effect!

For the uninitiated, first-time customers receive a booklet with instructions free of charge with their first order.

*For supplements such as mana crystals and other spellcasting paraphernalia, the booklet comes with contact information of ArcanExpress's affiliates.

Contact Us: The ArcanExpress can be reached by registering through our website. For complex requests that must be performed in the Ritual Room, resident sorceress Adelaida's personal workshop, the Room is found on the Manta Carlos coastline, a short distance away from the marina.

Who We Are: ArcanExpress is a a service started by sorceress Adelaida Turley, who lost the ability to cast magic. Not wanting to waste her long history and knowledge of arcane eclipse-script, she started the business to make magic accessible to even those without background.

Lead Sorceress and CEO: Adelaida D. Turley

Couriers: Contractual NPCs

Openings available, contact Adelaida D. Turley
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