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April 2018 Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
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    April 2018 Announcements

    News in Brief
    • [New Mobile Update] Tapatalk is now an option for those who want notifications on their phone
    • [Rule Clarification] Temporary Power Upgrades
    • [Staff Change] Keen has stepped down from Ranger
    • [General] An MC3 Bulletin Board has been added to the plots forum
    • [Contest] Fresh Start Contest (April 1st - 30th)
    • [Contest] Post Spree (April 14th-15th)
    • [Contest] AU Contest Results (Vouchers for everyone!)
    • [Spotlights] Boop is our Spotlight Member, and Lucy Zebaal is our Spotlight Character for April!
    • [Event] We have the World Environmental Day Camping ICC event from March 30th to April 1st and Walpurgisnacht on the 30th
    • [Newspaper] The April Edition of the Manta Carlos Print is now available

    Do you ever wish your phone would alert you when someone replied to your thread? Well now you can! Install the Tapatalk app and find Starlight Academy on it. Available on android and iOS.

    Temporary Power Upgrades
    Ever had your character in extreme circumstances, and want them to temporarily get powers they wouldn't normally? Well, now you can! We've had people do this in the past, but we've never made it explicit what the limits are, so we've gone ahead and formalized all the details here.

    Staff Changes
    @Keen has stepped down from being a ranger, and we wish them the best!

    MC3 Bulletin Board
    A bulletin board has been added to plots for the ICC location! Check it out HERE.

    Fresh Start Contest
    We have a new contest, this time focused on encouraging players to get outside of their normal circles and roleplay with some new faces. This contest rewards vouchers and will run all month. This is a non-competitive contest: Players are competing only against themselves, with no upper limit for how many vouchers you can earn. You can check the contest out here.

    Contest Odds and Ends
    We have an upcoming post spree running on April 14th and 15th!

    The AU Contest from last month wrapped up with a lot of entries, but only a few within the contest period. We'll be revamping AU contests to better fit the needs of the VR events, and all participants who posted their app within the grading period (Boop, Foxy, Kathinja, and Romi) have gotten +1 voucher!

    Our player spotlight, @Boop, has and continues to be a major contributing member of the forum with her engaging characters and her participation in onsite plots, events, and nominations. She's always making time for people, so give her a shoutout!

    Lucy Zabaal, played by @Max!!, is a gluttony insectoid. While appearing friendly and outgoing, she is actually quite predatory while still following Manta Carlos laws. Max plays this up wonderfully, as you'd probably never notice her predatory nature in the ICC.

    You can nominate for next month here.

    Manta Carlos celebrates World Environmental Day (WED) with an annual weekend camping trip where people of all different ages are encouraged to enjoy the wilderness and help clean up any messes found as they hike and explore all the wonders the island has to offer.

    This event is an ICC event taking place from March 30th to April 1st and located in the forest.

    Walpurgisnacht takes place the night of April 30th and translates literally into "Witches' Night." While originally the fire used in this event was meant to ward against Witches, Manta Carlos has flipped that tradition around.

    This eve is celebrated with large fires, dancing, and chanting. This is a scenery event on the forum.

    Manta Carlos Print
    The third edition of the in-character newspaper is now available for reading!
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    April 2018 Mid-Month Announcements

    News in Brief
    • [Forum Revamp] Several forums have been merged or moved around for clarity.
    • [Site Upgrade] The Post Editor has been upgraded, allowing for drafts, post templates, etc
    • [Site Change] Every day, logs from the ICC will now be posted onto the forums.
    • [Lore] The Transportation Plaza now has weekly portal services to heaven, hell, and everything in between!
    • [FAQ] We've written a FAQ to detail assumed ranges and powers for those without them.
    • [Etc] Some threads were briefly locked, but have now been unlocked.
    • [Etc] ICC has some new filters, to help avoid breaking the ICC's flow.
    • [Contest] Both the Posting Spree and New Faces contests are ongoing.
    • [Scenery Event] Walpurgisnacht (April 30th)
    • [Spotlights] Spotlight Voting has begun.
    • [Newspaper] The Fourth edition of the Manta Carlos Print is now available.
    Forum Revamp
    Starlight Academy has been around for a long time, and that means that some of our forum descriptions are long, long outdated. We've gone through and touched up quite a few, but we've also rearranged a few for ease of use. The major changes are as follows:​
    • The Pier has been renamed Waterfront, to more accurately represent its context. It now has a subforum, named 'The Pier', which represents the seaside amusement park inside it.
    • Downtown has been merged with City Life.
    • Residential has been renamed to Residential Areas and has been merged with the 'Apartments and Housing' subforum.
    • The Underground has been renamed to Criminal underground, and has had its description updated to reflect that it isn't a single area (especially not an underground one), but instead all the shady parts of Manta Carlos.
    • Outside has been renamed to Academy Grounds.
    • The Courtyard description has been rewritten to clarify that it isn't the academy grounds, as there's a lot of overlap.
    • The Empty Rooms description has also been updated to more accurately reflect the purpose of this forum.
      Post Editor
    As I'm sure everyone's noticed by now, we've changed the post editor! The box you type all your posts into has gotten a significant upgrade, with several new benefits and features.​
    • The Drafts feature now works, allowing players to either manually (or automatically!) save their posts. If your browser crashes, the site will remember your post for up to 24 hours.
    • Sending someone an alert with the @ button now pops up a menu when you start typing their name, helping out for those with longer names.
    • Saving your own personal post templates is now an option. You can read more about this feature here.
    • The Quotes feature, which has been broken pretty much forever, now works normally again. Just highlight a part of someone's text and get going.
    • The Post Editor itself now resizes properly to fit your screen on desktop.
    ICC Logging
    Logging your interactions in the ICC has always been a bit of a pain, and now the staff are working to correct this. Every morning, the previous days logs will get posted to the ICC Logging forum, up there in a sticky. When you make your own logs, you can either log it yourself as usual, or you can link to the official log and include timestamps. Of note is the fact that daily logs will cover from 10PM PST one day to 9:59 PM the following day, due to the way the ICC handles logs.

    Interested in making this easier for staff? When ICCing, don't send messages that start with =.

    You can find the ICC Logs (including the last five days) here.

    Transportation Plaza Opens
    As members who participated in the last day of the camping trip might have noticed, we have a new NPC - Idar, an extra-dimensional god of portals. With the help of the Manta Carlos government, the Manta Carlos Portal Transport Services division has been set up in the transportation plaza, allowing weekly access to a variety of other realms and dimensions. You can read more over at the wiki.

    Odds and Ends
    We've written a FAQ that includes assumed ranges and power levels for powers that don't explicitly include this information. For example, an aura without a stated range is assumed to have an effective range of ten feet.

    We briefly locked some threads to try and make finding recently finished threads easier, but ran into some issues with this, and reverted the change.

    We're testing new ICC filters. If you see text in square brackets, like [idiot], that means a particularly vulgar curse was used. You'll also see slurs called out this way. Please remember that in the ICC, players are intended to write around slurs, not trigger the filters.

    Contests and Events
    We have a posting spree currently ongoing, running until midnight tonight. It's not too late to join in!

    Later this month we have Walpurgisnacht, a scenery event for players to run with, focused on large fires and dancing throughout Manta Carlos.

    Our New Faces contest is going well, and still accepting new entrants. Many members are still looking for new threads, so remember to reach out and grab a few!

    Spotlight Voting has now begun, so get your vote in soon!

    Manta Carlos Print
    A new edition of the Manta Carlos Print is now available, highlighting two new changes to the site's setting.​
  3. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    April 2018 Mini Announcements

    News in Brief
    • [Rule Update] ICC Rules regarding consequences and police involvement have been added
    • [Rule Change] The use of accents and alternate languages in the ICC is now forbidden. Accents use on the forum has come under the same rules as alternate languages.
    • [Etc] Guide to Success has been renamed to Starter Guide
    • [Contest Winners] Congratulations to Zora for winning the Post Spree!
    • [Lore] We now have some lore on incest laws on Manta Carlos
    • [Staff Change] Keen has returned to staff as a ranger
    ICC Rule Update
    We've seen an uptick in serious situations in the ICC which require police intervention by a large number of players, so we've decided to address this a bit more directly via IC consequences. The Community Center is, in character, a privilege, not a right, and those who are frequently disruptive wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Moving forward, these two rules will be in place:​
    • Entering the ICC opens characters up to the consequences of their actions. While characters will not (and should not) die in the ICC, characters who break the law in the ICC, or admit to breaking the law will face consequences for their actions.
    • The community center is a public space, intended for the use of all citizens of the island. Any citizen who has the police called on them twice in a week period is banned from the community center for a two week period. This also extends to health issues. If a character has to go to the hospital because of events that happen in the community center, they will be temporarily banned from the community center in order to prevent agitating their conditions.
    Accent and Language Rule Change
    Starlight Academy has long had rules against using non-English languages and heavy accents, but they've been inconsistently applied as the line between what is or isn't an accent has been blurry. These rules also didn't properly reflect the ICC's fast paced environment, so we've updated the rules to make things easier for everyone, and to be more consistent. The new rule is as follows:

    Posts, both roleplay and out of character, should be in clear, easy to understand English. While your character might speak another language, please be respectful of other languages. Don't google translate large portions of your characters speech, and be careful not to overuse any accents they might have. Instead, mention that your character is speaking another language or using an accent in the post itself. Posts using other languages or accents should include a translation in the post itself, either in-line or at the bottom of the post.

    And for the ICC:

    Players should not type out foreign languages or accents, but instead continue to post in English. If speech is intended to be heavily accented or in an alternate language, this should be noted with action tags. For example: *in old Norse* Why would you say that?, or by noting in the characters mini-profile that they have an accent.

    If anyone has any questions about this new rule, please don't hesitate to ask the staff.​

    Post Spree Winners
    Congratulations to @Zora for winning the post spree with 27 posts, and a congratulations as well to @Nameless for placing second, with 26 posts.

    Incest Laws
    While not at all relevant to the majority of characters on the site, players who might be affected by these laws should check the wiki for more information.

    Staff Changes
    @Keen has returned to staff as a ranger!​

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