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Jun 27, 2019
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Isabelle Sound the Alarms
Status: in progress

Isabelle makes her way to the library, wanting to practice her developing reading skills. Upon entering, she is startled by an air horn taped up behind the door. She takes off, but crashed into a bookshelf. The boy who spooked her comes over to apologize, then the two start talking. He eventually brings up comic books, something she hadn't heard of before, which peaks her interest.

Curious Kids
Status: in progress

During one of her breaks, Isabelle goes for a walk in the woods and discovers the lake. There's only one other person there — a small boy who can create and control fire. The two greet each other, and the boy shows her his power. Though it scares her at first, Isabelle quickly becomes intrigued.

Olwen An Interesting Thought
Status: finished

At the start of class, Olwen spots a boy who appears to be part plant. Towards the end of the period, Olwen finds herself incredibly bored, and painfully curious of the plant boy. She attempts to speak to him telepathically, and in his confusion, he announces something she said, embarrassing him in front of everybody. At the end of class, she hurries after him to apologize, and the two end up chatting, and then practicing the telepathic potential Owen discovered.

Good Day, Sunshine
Status: dropped

Olwen is spending some time in the park, enjoying the lovely weather. She is then suddenly thwacked on the head and subsequently entangled by two kites. The stranger that, unbeknownst to her, caused it, comes over to help. Another stranger in the park, a pretty lady, also comes over to assist in getting the dryad untangled.

NOTE: Heavy WIP. Click the names to expand sections.
To self: Detail character stories with backstories included. Possibly add current plots.

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