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Mar 24, 2018
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Art by Keely Elle


Anna Fey

17, 18

July 6th


Human; Witch


High school


-155cm; 5'1"
-Petite, has narrow shoulders and wider hips than chest, has so-called pear body. Has tattoos in both arms, other arm just has the image of a snake wrapped around it from shoulder to wrist and the other one has witch themed images, like a cauldron, wand, magic runes and spell books and skulls and other details like that.
-Round head and face, has lightly tanned skin and lots of freckles. Has sharp pale yellow eyes, thick brows and very plump lips and narrow mouth.
-Has long straight hair, that reaches her butt. Coloured black, and it slowly fades to white towards the tips. Has short straight bangs.
-Dresses in goth style, mostly in black or other such dark colour. Prefers ripped jeans and boots that are black leather, wears lots of leather accessories with metal studs.
-Usually wear dark makeup

Meh - Anna is overall pretty indifferent about most things, and rather goes with the flow than tries to fight it. She doesn't give a shit if someone insults her, but if they hit the right triggers her revenge will be horrendous. This indifference leads to Anna pretty much doing what she wants with little thought to rules or what you should or should not do.

Slob - Anna isn't all that lazy, but she is pretty disorganized and rarely bothers to keep her surroundings clean. The inside of her mind is neat and orderly but everything else can be said about her living space.

Pessimist - Anna tends to see the worst in stuff, and always expects the worst possible outcome. Occasionally she uses that as a reason to just slack off or not do something, because seriously, what's even the point? Everything is going to shit anyway.

Dark Humour - Anna's jokes can be...heavy, and she kind of likes shocking people and leaving a darker impression on them. She can laugh at jokes that aren't dark, but the kind of jokes she makes don't normally have that much light to them.

Fight The Power - Anna doesn't like authority figures, and isn't really scared of them either. She doesn't hesitate to point out the mistakes of someone on a higher position, and very much likes bringing attention to the fact that leaders are very much human as well. If you want Anna to respect you you better respect her.

Forever Alone - People can be exhausting, and Anna knows that better than anyone. She doesn't have much tolerance for kids or idiots, and prefers to spend her time on her own, reading a book or studying or watching horror movies. That said when with people she's learned to like Anna is pretty chill, and doesn't tire nearly as quickly as normal.

Just Me - Relying on people feels like a sign of weakness for Anna, and she always tries to do everything on her own. And when she does need help her pride prevents her from asking for help, so the people around Anna have to notice her struggle and offer to help her. Then she'll graciously accept the help if they so insist. And naturally Anna is always up for helping someone if they specifically ask her, she doesn't want to admit it but Anna feels a bit superior because of her smarts and magic and likes showing it off.

Quiet - Anna doesn't talk a lot, she prefers to be an observer in most group conversations and when she does talk her words are on point and relevant. She opens up more when with people she's comfortable with, but even then Anna prefers to leave the talking to someone else.

Neeeeeeeeeerd - Anna likes studying, a lot. She gets really good grades while answering no questions in class and without doing her homework, and all that just to annoy the teachers. Anna likes learning things she didn't know before, and secretly has reading glasses she only uses when alone. She has her pride, after all.
Perhaps as a side effect of her intelligence anf logic Anna greatly lacks in the imagination department, and you can't really count on her to come up with something that requires creativity.

Goth - Anna is pretty proud of the dark and broody image she puts up, and goth aesthetic is totally her jam. And it's not pretend, Anna really is just how she is, but she just tries extra hard to seem as goth as possible so people maintain that image of her.

Temper - Anna seems cool on the outside most of the time and avoids getting too riled up. But one of Anna's favourite coping techniques is imagining beating up her problems with a baseball bat, or obliterating them with magic, and sometimes Anna does say pretty violent things. And when the right triggers are pushed, or someone messes with those she cares about, her vengeance will be horrendous. Anna can really carry a grudge, and her shouting voice is very loud for her small body. Though seeing her shouting is really rare.

Prickly - Anna doesn't go out of her way to be mean, she just says things as they are and that can sometimes(or most of the time) sound mean. And she does get irritated relatively easily, and then her truths might have a small...edge to them.
And if Anna purposefully insults you that probably means she likes you, it's her way of showing affection.

Loyal - Yet again this is something Anna wouldn't admit, but the people she grows to care about are pretty damn important to her, and she even lets them know it, sometimes, maybe. And she is ready to do anything for her friends, and will crush their enemies and guard their backs, even if they don't know it or see it.

Perceptive - Anna has a quick mind and wits and although she sometimes has trouble thinking outside the box she in excellent at thinking inside it. She comes up with the simplest, fastest solutions and is good at solving problems. This also applies to people, and although Anna more often than not doesn't really care what others think about her she is good at picking up on signs that indicate what someone is feeling.

Magic Gone Mad: Anna has magical energy in her body, that she uses to alter events around her. Before Anna had complete control over her magical powers, but now thanks to a dimensional portal her powers are all messy and Anna can't use them properly anymore. Anna's connection to the magic inside her has been mostly severed, and whenever she tries to perform a spell it either doesn't work at all or is very weak.
Witch Sees All: Anna can see a faint aura kind of thing around all creatures of supernatural nature. This aura will be around even those that are trying to hide their true form, and thanks to this ability Anna can also see through illusions.
Wand Is Life: Anna has a magic wand, that she uses to channel her magic power and better aim it at more precise targets. But the wand is also tied to Anna and houses a portion of her life force, and if it's damaged or even broken that will cause serious harm to Anna, and potentially even kill her if her body is already in a weakened state. Anna's wand is made of sturdy ebony wood, and has been enchanted to be as durable as iron.

Let It Go: Anna's magic is dangerous if contained, and she has to periodically use her magic power in some form in order to avoid it causing ill effects on her and her surroundings. If Anna doesn't let out at least some of her magic twice or three times a week it will build up, causing intense headaches for Anna and causing things around her to either shake, float or even break. If Anna performs a spell with at least 4 words in it twice a week her magic power is kept within reasonable amounts.

Anna was born to a family of magic users in a dimension different from ours. Her magic was powerful and that much was clear to see from a young age, when a simple toddler temper tantrum turned Anna's room into a chaos of pillows and plushies flying around on their own and windows shattering. Her parents held great expectations for her after witnessing this promise, and that was when the constant pressure on Anna's narrow shoulders began to pile.

Anna was homeschooled most of her early life due to her magical nature. She couldn't be released among normal children, when even a small show of anger could hurt others. So Anna stayed home and learned to control her magic, so it got channeled through the proper means. Anna enjoyed learning new things, especially magic, and as a small child when everything seemed easy all the young girl got was praise. But as Anna grew and eventually turned 9 her studies got harder, and it showed in her results. Anna couldn't succeed in anything right away anymore, and every sign of disappointment she saw on the faces of her parents was like a slash of a whip. They told Anna to do better, and for many years she tried very hard. But when every small mistake branded her as a failure of a daughter and an heir Anna eventually got sick of it.

When Anna turned 12 she was sent to a boarding school, since her powers weren't going to be a problem anymore. Anna had full control of them. She thought of this as an escape, a chance to get away from all the expectations and pressure. But no. The boarding school was strict, the classes were hard and Anna still had to go to secret lessons for magic. And the expectations followed her here, except now Anna's parents weren't the only ones judging her. All her classmates were, and they were quite nasty about it. Anna was teased if she got a B or lower grade, things were whispered behind her back and Anna couldn't make a single friend. One day, after an exceptionally hard test which Anna got a C from, she just snapped. Anna cut her hair, used her makeup to make her look dark and grim, used magic to dye her hair and make her uniform black. She wanted to project all this anger and gloominess and shittyness outside, and that was when Anna went goth.

Anna began rebelling against the teachers, the students and the whole system, pretty much. She took revenge on anyone who bullied her using subtle magic, and she openly talked back to teachers and without hesitation pointed out their smallest mistakes. Anna was a menace, and after being in the boarding school for two years she was kicked out for bad behaviour.
Anna returned home and went back to homeschooling and receiving judgement and pressure from her parents. Only this time Anna didn't take it just like that. She kept rebelling, drove her tutors and parents crazy and sometimes outright refused to do her work. But the funny thing was Anna was still pretty damn smart, and could get good results if she just tried.

On the summer Anna turned 16 her family moved to Raven Grove, a small town kind of in the middle of nowhere. Though at first that didn't matter to Anna, not like she was going to be let out anyway. But to her surprise Anna was indeed let out, and she began going to a public school. Her parents tried using that to get her to calm down. In this school Anna met the daughter of a rivaling witch clan, Blair Morgan, and they became unofficial rivals against Anna's will. During that summer Anna became very familiar with how big of a bitch Blair was, and even managed to stop the girl from royally screwing up when she tried to become immortal through a highly volatile spell. And during that whole fiasco Anna became familiar with people, that would also become her first friends ever.

Anna grew close to this group, who called themselves the Mystery Gang. At first Anna thought they were just a group of losers playing some game and messing with things they didn't understand. But they had found out about her magic, which was kind of bad, so Anna told herself she'd just hang out around them to make sure they kept quiet. And she got roped in to all of their adventures, and became a part of their little gang, that eventually got named the Enigmas. Anna helped them with her magic, and made herself very useful. Seriously, what would they have even done without her?

It all did feel like a game, like an adventure, until a friend from the gang, June, got herself trapped beyond a portal in another dimension. Anna felt like a failure yet again for not having been able to help, despite having her magic powers. So together with some comrades she set off to work out a spell, that would open that same portal again and let them save June. And eventually, after some more adventures, the spell was ready, and Anna gathered together with her friends to set off and save June. But something went wrong, and they were all blasted to another dimension entirely and in completely different places. Anna found herself all alone in a place she had never seen before with really different looking tech and machines, huge buildings and weirdly dressed people who spoke foreign language. Turned out Anna was in the Earth dimension, in modern day Tokyo, or more precisely Harajuku district. It was completely different from her dimension, where the era was closer to that of the 80s.

Anna was stranded in Tokyo for a while, and she couldn't do anything to help herself since her magic powers were all wonky now because of the portal. Anna felt helpless for the first time in her life without her powers, and in eccentric Harajuku no one paid mind to a girl who was dressed like many people in that city, saying that she was a witch in a language most didn't understand. Anna wandered around Harajuku and Shibuya overall for days, until the police finally found her and tried to get her help. But Anna's dimension hopping witch story didn't convince them, and they decided to just hold onto Anna until someone claimed her and spread around missing posters. But luck was on Anna's side, since there was a scout in Tokyo with connections to the police, and they heard about Anna's story. They contacted her, and told her about Manta Carlos and that it was a place for people like her. Anna jumped into that opportunity, because it couldn't be much worse than this horrible place, right?

Anna was brought to Manta Carlos in April 2019, and enrolled into the high school at the academy. Anna decided to definitely find a way to fix her fucked up powers, and find her friends, wherever they were.

Lives in the dorms, has a stipend
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Name: Anna Fey
Apparent Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human; Witch
Height: 155cm; 5'1"
Build: Petite, pear-shaped body

Notable Features:
-Long straight black hair that gradually turns white towards the tips
-Pale yellow sharp eyes
-Lots of freckles
-Has tattoos on both arms, snake on the left and all kinds of witchy stuff on the right(cauldron, wand, skulls, black cat etc.)
-Is goth and uses makeup and dresses up like one

Physical Quirks:
-Seems bored most of the time

Abilities Summary:
-Used to have magic, now it's all fucked up and can only do weak spells or none
-Can see if someone is of supernatural nature, isn't affected by illusions
-Has a wand that if harmed will also cause severe harm to her

Reputation: Very new to the island. Gave a fake name to the scouts so is currently going around as Annabelle Fennel. Part of the Enigmas but for now no one knows that aside the Enigmas themselves

Misc Information: ICC image by Keely Elle
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