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Alani “Lani” Petropoulos

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Porky, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Porky

    Batty Babe

    Mar 25, 2014
    Posting Status:
    Name;; Alani “Lani” Petropoulos

    Age;; 22

    Birthday;; November 5th

    Gender;; Female, she/her

    Species;; Gorgon/Eyelash Viper Hybrid

    Orientation;; Lesbian

    Category;; Student

    Class;; Elementary, Middle School, High School, or College

    Grade;; Junior in University

    College Major;; Ceramics with a minor in Politics specializing in mythical creature justice

    Appearance Description;;


    Lani is most definitely what one would consider a gorgon upon first inspection. Her hair is entirely composed of small eyelash vipers, framing her olive-toned face with a striking banana yellow. They reach her shoulders, and she usually ties them back in space buns or a braid. They have a mind of their own, after all. She has pointed ears and several piercings. Other reptilian traits include her retractable fangs, patches of yellow scales scattered around her body, nose-less nostrils and her large slitted eyes.

    It’s said that no one knows what her true eye color is. This is because she always wears her signature round sunglasses. They’re specially made with a tinted glass that prevents her from turning people to stone.

    She stand at 5’11” and has a rather lithe frame, though has some curves.


    Lani is definitely what you’d call an “art hoe”. She tends to dress artistically, yet trendy. She often wears vintage clothing from the 60s and 70s, including ribbed sweaters, bell bottoms, berets and platforms.

    Personality Description;;


    • Determined

    • Caring

    • Intuitive

    • Organized

    • Creative

    • Outspoken

    • Proud

    • Assertive

    • Passionate

    • Argumentative

    • Pretentious

    • Cynical

    • Stubborn

    • Short-tempered


    • Fine art/Pottery

    • Herbal teas

    • The color yellow

    • Sunflowers

    • Makeup/MUA’s

    • Thrift shopping

    • Reading

    • Sour candy

    • Injustice

    • Normies

    • Cold weather

    • Bad hair days

    • Dudebros

    • Dogs

    Active Abilities;;

    If she so chooses, Lani can transform herself into a more monstrous form. Her two eyes become one, her nails become claws, her straight teeth all become pointed fangs, and her legs form a ten-foot long tail. This form gives her enhanced strength and speed, but at the cost of being bulky and unpleasant to look at.

    Due to her pit viper hybridization, Lanican deliver a bite as potent as the snake she borrows her traits from. It can be healed by a regular antipode, if there is one available.

    Passive Abilities;;

    Lani is cursed with a stare that turns people into marble if she stares into someone’s eyes. Of course, this has caused several unwanted petrifications. Therefore, she wears glasses to prevent this from happening. If she does want to freeze someone, she can stop someone in their tracks for up to 24 hours. She has the potential to make this work indefinitely, but she hasn’t chosen to strengthen the duration as the only cure is for the curse to wear off over time.

    Lani is part snake, meaning that she is a poikilotherm. She relies on the sun, and feels more energized on clear, warm days. She also sheds from time to time.


    A bronze shield is what killed Medusa before her. Bronze items and jewelry thus weaken her abilities, and enough bronze can render her blind entirely, thus disabling her stone stare.

    She was cursed with mortality, as a trade off to flee her safe haven. It can return to her if she comes back, but as of now, that is not possible.

    Common Magical Items;;

    Simple Language Charm: This is the standard language charm provided to most characters. It translates a characters mother tongue into English, and allows them to hear English as their mother tongue. Lani speaks Ancient Greek, and is translated on the islands.


    If there’s one thing to take from Greek mythology, it’s that the gods and goddesses of yore were vengeful sons of bitches. According to the old legends, Athena had cursed Medusa- a beautiful young maiden abused by Poseidon- into the form of a hideous half snake woman who was so ugly she could turn even the strongest men into stone. But, what the myths do not tell is that Athena had cursed others who so dare to slightly scorn her with the same fate. Though the world and the heavens were now against them, the cursed women formed an alliance among each other. They hid in the far corners of Greece, praying for safety and taking solace in each other.

    Of course, their safe haven was not safe forever.

    When Perseus was sent to slay Medusa and successfully remove her head, the remaining gorgons feared for their safety and lives. Thus, going against the gods once more, they consulted Typhon to protect them. With his power he created a realm for them to hide- and no other man to interfere.

    Fast forward thousands of years later, Lani was born to the descendants of these gorgons. She was born with rebellious blood and a fiery spirit. And though she loved her home and her sisters/family, she desired to see how the world changed. Of course, her clan was not willing to part with her, fearing for her safety. But Lani eventually convinced them to let her go. Before she parted, her family imparted her a gift to take a more human form, which, though imperfect, made disguising herself a bit easier. Thus, she came to face the brave new world, and found herself soon with an invitation to Starlight Academy.

    Resources;; Lani lives in the dorms of the academy’s university and works as a freelance artist.

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