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Dec 2, 2019
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Name: Adelaida D. Turley
Age: 24
Birthday: September 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: Collegiate
Grade: 3rd year
College Major: Psychology
Career: Part-times at some burger joint.
Appearance Description: Adelaida is a 5'9 tall woman with messy black hair and black eyes. Her skin is pale, and some burns are observable along the hands and the neck. Her piercing stare is surrounded by bags indicating a long history of sleeplessness.

Adelaida typically wears baggy clothing and always has multiple layers on, sometimes wearing scarves in the middle of summer.

Personality Description: Adelaida is tired. A large amount of her character boils down to her exhaustion - life is exhausting, suppressing the urges is exhausting. This exhaustion carries over to every other aspect of her personality, from her dry, deadpan humor devoid of the effort to be witty, to her haphazard sense of fashion that is little more than stepping through the wardrobe and seeing what sticks on the way out.

For someone so tired however, Adelaida is constantly seeking out exhausting activities. She is very social and active, and has a severe hedonistic streak. Stimulation keeps the urges at bay, and so she seeks it out.

Adelaida also has a compulsion towards fire. Fire makes her safe, fire makes her calm and restful. But fire is dangerous, and so she has to constantly suppress the urge to create safe spaces wherever she is.

Underneath the exhaustion and ceaseless search for the next noise to drown out the pyromaniac voices within, Adelaida hides a sharp mind. She is extremely proficient at picking out mannerisms, body language, and all sorts of tells, allowing her to figure out what makes minds tick. A large portion of this expertise was derived from a decade of figuring out how to keep her own mind in check.

Active Abilities:
Burning Ghost of Manta Carlos Coast.
Adelaida is the result of playing with fire, and getting burned. She screwed up an attempted fire experiment in the past and is now constantly filled to the brim with fire. Flames constantly well up within, and must be vented regularly to prevent overloading (once a day).

She can produce jets of flames of varying color based on heat, up to white flame. However, the stronger the flame, the quicker it is to run out. At most, she can handle two seconds of white-hot blaze, or otherwise she can muster more normal-colored fire for up to 5 meters and up to an hour.

The flames can be altered, reshaped, and otherwise manipulated, but once they set objects ablaze, those flames are no longer part of her ability and must be put out manually.

Burn Order. Adelaida can also take control of nearby magical fire. She can only change its shape or course, and cannot put it out. She also cannot take control of mundane flames.

Passive Abilities:
Adelaida regenerates faster when the temperature is warmer. Notably, this does not make her immune to flames - at a certain threshold (roughly 200 degrees centigrade) the faster regeneration is overcome by the damage to her body. At room temperature, she regenerates twice as fast as normal humans.

Combustion Reaction. Adelaida can breathe through her flames - as long as they continue to take in oxygen, so does she. This has very few practical uses.

The Cold Bothered Me.
Adelaida feels the effects of extreme cold more than most. She can handle low temperatures with her flames, but if she runs out or for whatever reason is in sub-zero (in actual temperature units), she takes damage more rapidly than normal humans.

Biography: Adelaida grew up learning magic at a young age. She displayed great prowess, picking up the formulaic methods of rune magic, script magic, and all sorts of other magics whose processes required precision and scientific rigor.

At the age of 11, she attempted a spell.

That spell would have let her peer into alternate planes, but instead she accidentally made herself a conduit to the flames of an alternate plane and became full of fire.

Severe burns were sustained in the early months, though after a while the fires were brought low and slowly controlled. However, with the risk of keeping her in a populated and ill-prepared area, she was sent to Manta Carlos where at the very least, if she overloaded, there was plenty worse that the island had witnessed.

Resources: Adelaida has a beachside home, paid for by her parents. She can't stay in the dorms after all.

Aside from the bungalow, she has a rowboat (mainly to let her vent fires out in the open ocean), a spellbook, and a small collection of spellbooks.

Additional Information: The spellbooks contain little other than utility magic, like a spell to alter the scents of things (can't go to school smelling charred), move small objects, and preserve the freshness of fruits.
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