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Adara Aghamora

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Nameless, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Name: Adara Aghamora
    Age: 21, mentally/ 24, physically.
    Birthday: August 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: Unicorn
    Category: Staff
    Class: None
    Subject/Work: School Nurse
    Appearance Description:

    [Official art of Takasaki Chidori, from FLOWERS (Innocent Grey)]​

    Adara is a young maiden with a pale slender body without a single unsightly blemish. She stands at a height of 5'5". She has a faded, greenish-grey hair that she often lets hang freely, but at work or in areas where she needs it to be under control, she often has it in a simple yet elegant bun. She does have a mole on the lower right side of her neck, right at the transition to her shoulder. Her eyes are similarly-colored to her hair, just a shade lighter.

    She stands with a timid confidence, almost as if she is unsure, yet at the same time she maintains an air of elegance around her. Despite her shy-looking exterior, Adara moves with purpose and drive, her actions rarely suggesting a hint of cluelessness.

    When it comes to clothing, Adara prefers to dress modestly. Her jeans are never the skinny kind, and when she wears skirts the shortest are two inches below her knees. If she has to wear anything shorter, either because of dress code or other circumstances, she'd wear pantyhose, usually opaque. She also prefers clothing that doesn't stick to the body so much.

    Personality Description: Being a unicorn, Adara feels so much more at home in big open spaces, especially fields. Tight, crowded rooms make her feel constricted. She is a little claustrophobic, but can manage to keep herself calm so long as she knows there are ways out.

    She leans towards introversion, which inhibits her social life in a way. She can talk to people fine, but she's a bit shy when she has to start the conversation, though this becomes easier the more she knows a person. However, it will be highly unlikely that she would approach someone who intimidates her without a good reason.

    But those who get to know her will quickly see that she is a kind, loving person with a calm disposition. She treats people like how she would be treated, with respect and kindness, even if they were rude to her. Often she holds her tongue when people begin to berate her, and turn away from the situation if she could.

    She speaks with a calming tone, but she is easily silenced. She hates confrontations and prefers to handle situations without using violence. Even under stress, she remains calm and keeps a leveled head. However this is almost immediately undermined if she has been trapped in an enclosed space, being more susceptible to panic attacks.

    She holds few material things precious, and only lives on what she needs (but anything extra wouldn't hurt once in a while). Even before the decision to become a nun, she has been a rather chaste lady, and she aims to remain that way.

    Species Abilities:
    • Purification -- The unicorn has the ability to constantly purify their bodies, making them highly resistant to most natural diseases, poisons and toxins, however they can still get sick but most will pass very quickly, relative to a regular person. With a little bit of practice, Adara can extend this to grant someone else the unicorns' gift of purity, temporarily increasing their recovery rate, both from sickness and injury, but she will need to remain in contact or the effect will stop within 3 minutes. This also has a side effect of making a person much calmer and even happier.

      While this can also lift curses and remove poisons, Adara has yet grown proficient or powerful enough to do this.
    • Unicorn Form -- Adara can transform into a unicorn, giving her enhanced agility, strength, endurance, stamina and speed. And she also gets a spiraling horn protruding from her head.
    • Immortality -- Because they are constantly purifying their bodies, the unicorn theoretically has an endless lifespan. However if they are exposed to sickness too often or constantly, there is a chance that their immune system will fail and should they remain in that state, they could die from disease.
    • Night Vision -- Adara has eyes that can see clearly in darkness, however she can be blinded very easily in the dark if a very bright light was shone directly in her eyes. Its similar to how humans get blinded by flashlights in the dark when its trained directly in their eyes, but Adara's eyes would suffer about twice as much.
    • Healing -- Adara can heal wounds and injuries directly by focusing her magic into the palms of her hands. This is similar to her extended purification, however she exerts much more energy into it, which quickly drains her. She could heal about 3 to 5 major injuries a day before she'd collapse from exhaustion.


    Biography: Adara and her family lived in a town of humans for all of her life. Her linage was a secret that she was told to not say to anyone. Her family wasn't particularly religious, but they all were baptized in the catholic religion.

    She found out about her heritage when her powers began manifesting during her college years. Her wounds and those of her classmates would heal when she was around, and they took her as a gift from God. An angel, some would say. Learning of this, she was called to the local church with her parents and they had a conversation with the priest, who was aware of the unicorns, being a creature of the supernatural himself.

    Through prayers and practice, Adara learned how to use her powers better, but she hadn't had much time to hone her skills as people who had suspected something amiss were getting dangerously close to uncovering her secret. Madmen they were called, but this agitated Adara, who feared that she was being stalked, forcing her to stay indoors unless she had a friend around, but even then she was worried. This negatively impacted her as she wasn't used to hiding herself away.

    The priest suggested that she be sent elsewhere under the guise of becoming a nun, in hopes that her stalkers would be deterred , and she agreed. In the Trappistine nunnery, she met another girl, later to be renamed Penitence when she achieved novicehood, who quickly became a person she confided in. She hadn't told her about the real reason she went into the nunnery, not wanting her getting involved, but she was the person Adara spent time with the most.

    The two of them became close friends, to the point where Adara felt something special between them. Afraid of what she and the other nuns would think of her if they found out, she buried the feelings deep inside. When her friend became a novice and got her new name, Adara was there to witness it amd was happy for her.

    A year later after that, Adara would feel a great weight being taken off her heart when Penny revealed that she held feelings for the unicorn as well. But when Penny revealed her true form, Adara was was honestly afraid at first, but she saw that Penny's gentleness didn't fade. That fear was replaced with a great appreciation however. After all, Penny trusted her enough to show her true self.

    Unfortunately, someone else caught sight of this and Penny was later called to the priest. Adara was praying that nothing would happen to her friend. Then she herself was called and then told about a place called Manta Carlos. When she learned that Penny was going, Adara didn't think twice. She was going with her.

    But before departing, she sent a letter to the priest in her hometown, and to her parents telling her where she had gone, vaguely but they understood.

    She would move in with Penny, who found work as a candymaker while Adara took to becoming a school nurse.

    Additional Information: She knows Trappistine sign language, ASL and of course English.
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