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Aug 25, 2020
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Name: Brynjarr Niflung Skjeggestad
Age: 61
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Species: Human
Job: Magic Researcher

Description: Tall blonde Nordic Viking of a man. Wears a lot of suits with subtle Norse motifs on them and braids his beard. Very well built really bad resting bitch face.

Abilities Summary: Brynjarr is a very accomplished runic mage, specializing in elemental control and scrying. He has decent control over all of the elements, though he has a natural affinity for metal and a more difficult time with air magic.

Reputation: The average character would maybe know the Skjeggestad name but not Brynjarr specifically. Anyone with an interest in magic is much more likely to know him as a sort of 'celebrity mage' or a much less friendly magical version of Bill Nye.

Misc Information: Anne's uncle and head of the Skjeggestad family. Owns the family's big dumb rich people mansion outside of town. Huge fan of ASTRAL racing.

NPC Status: Just myself for actual appearances, but mentioning/knowing him works for anyone involved in higher level magic research or his niece's life.

Adoption Status: Open
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