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Jul 3, 2016
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This will be a new power for Aaron.

•Pleasure Manipulation: He's able to cause people to feel great pleasure, as he'scausing the pleasure via magic it can reach much higher levels than through normal stimuli. He can lower and raise the intensity of the pleasure as needed and focus it either into the whole body or parts of it. He also gets a pleasure boost if he uses it while having sex.

-Touch: He has to be physically touching the person.
-Himself: He cannot use this ability on just himself.
-Pleasure Like A Human: Only beings who feel pleasure like a human will be affected. For example, a robot with pleasure programing will be affected, but one lacking said program would not.

-Blood: The power does drain him to an extent, it'll require him to need more blood than usual. The exact increase depends on how often he uses it and the intensity of the pleasure he induces on his partners. Regular daily use would double to amount of blood he requires.
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May 30, 2014
This power upgrade is approved, and it will cost 5 posts.

This is because there is some minor potential usefulness for the power outside of the bedroom - for example, he could safely subdue or distract a threatening person with overwhelming pleasure.


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