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Private A Rose By Any Other Name

Discussion in 'City Life' started by Kyrii, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Kyrii

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    Jun 15, 2017
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    Fawn ambled through her greenhouse quietly, giving gentle touches to her plants as she passed by them. She stopped to admire a lovely Spanish rose that was in full bloom and smiled. This was her paradise, surrounded by greenery and silence.

    She'd dressed herself in a brown skirt with a green long-sleeved shirt today. Earth tones were kind of her thing. Most of her wardrobe consisted of various shades of brown and green Her soft brown hair hung in light waves down past her shoulders and swayed as she ambled along through the rows of plants.

    With a glance up at the clock that hung above the greenhouse door - one she kept there to keep her from losing track of time as she often did while she was in here - she headed out to open up the shop that was connected to it. Pulling on a dark green apron and tying it around her slender waist with practiced fingers, Fawn went to unlock the door and turn the 'closed' sign to 'open'. Time to start the day.

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  2. Sarrain


    Jan 30, 2016
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    Full disclosure, Terry was not good at gift giving. He was a total mooch, after all. His friends had never been much for gifts, and anything they gave to people was knicked and not bought. Man, how life had changed. Terry was no fan of change, but he'd get over it. He was pretty adaptable. He'd always had to be before.

    Feminine gifts (flowers, clothes, and chocolates) in particular were contemptuous to buy. He'd never had feminine friends. The streets or London and Ireland weren't kind to the feminine inclined. They bred a specific kind of violence and trickery that wasn't so prevalent here.

    Like his best mate, Fitz, Terry was good at landing on his feet. He'd go as far to say the entire group was. They'd been thrown into this situation but had managed to come out more or less on top thus far.

    Now he was in totally new territory: flower buying.

    It seemed apt to Terry that he would choose a place with Fawn in the name. It brought a wider grin to his already affable expression.

    He saw the attractive girl at the counter and approached her with the swagger of someone who was used to and unaffected by rejection.

    "I dun suppose ye know which flowers best match me eyes?" He leaned on the counter. There were a lot of options here. He whistled lowly when he took a moment to look over a few of them. "I'm lookin' for somethin' that says 'congratulations, cuttie' without bein' roses. Gotta hate them daft lads comin' in fer roses all the time, ye?"


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