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The current stable:

  • Tadashi Yoshimori- 15 years old male bakeneko, 9th grade
    • Bakeneko boy (looks human) with short, messy white hair. Is also a cat
    • Siblings with Tomomi and Shiro
    • Very nice and friendly
    • Often seen drawing on a sketchbook or even in the air. Sometimes the drawings come alive
    • Also is a white cat with cute black paws. May or may not be related to why he wears gloves in human form.
    • Member of the Starlight Helpers club
    • Adopted by Rafael Del Bosque
    • Relationship status: single

  • Ebbie Cedargrass- 24, female spriggan, 2nd year in college. Plant Sciences (Arboriculture) Major. Assistant Arborist at Fairview Orchard
    • Fae using glamour to appear human, bright green eyes
    • Warm towards those she likes. Especially anyone with a connection to nature. Cold or angry toward those she does not like. It is usually pretty clear.
    • Observes the usual fae reservations about debts and such
    • Likes being outside or at least near a window, bares lots of skin but isn't too revealing
    • Often seen with butterflies during the day or fireflies at night
    • Relationship status: Dating Archer Steel

  • Kaliyan Saetai - 19 year old male demigod, College Freshman. Business Management Major
    • Knows he is a demi-god, doesn't know for sure his domain is tropical storms
    • Kind and helpful, but a fan of small pranks and terrible jokes
    • 'Stormy' anger can build up inside of him, uncontrollable release when it happens
    • works at his adoptive mother's spa business as a part time masseuse and guest assistant
    • warm and humid air always around him makes it hard to get close to people
    • like surfing and boxing, if he can find the free time to do so
    • Relationship Status: Dating Camille Abel

  • Lyrseir Saetai
    -looks to be around 35 (Centuries old. Maybe she'll tell you if you're nice) female dragon
    • She's a sea wyrm, though most of the time she is in human form on account of all the land and her job
    • Owns and runs Tranquility
    • calming/relaxation aura and targeted physical relaxation power
    • Very nice and motherly, but extra protective of children
    • Occasionally she can be too controlling of her adopted son, Kaliyan, though she doesn't think that she is
    • Relationship status: single (interested in adult males, preferably long-lived and stable ones)

  • Violeta Escamilla - looks about 17 (would be 20 if she wasn't undead), female vampire, High school Senior
    • Vampire that feeds on strong emotions rather than blood
    • drawn to emotional situations and people
    • can be a little clingy to people she likes or is feeding on
    • a little scared of gods, demigods, and angels as she has trouble not following their orders/suggestions due to a curse
    • She's very active at night and can be seen running all over, singing and just generally having a good time.
    • She's expressed interest in becoming a counselor but isn't sure she can, due to her feeding
    • Relationship Status: Dating Eon Cheshire

  • Alexis Brouillard - 17, male, 12th grader
    • Wyvern that comes from a low class, fighting heavy clan
    • Was taught that all other dragons look down on them, not exactly wrong but it's more self-fulfilling
    • Protective of who he cares about
    • Gets into fights easily. Makes friends through losing fights apparently.
    • Not very intelligent
    • Was disowned by his family while on the island and was depressed
    • More recently has been trying to be "better". Mentally, physically and emotionally
    • Originally was trying to prove his strength so he could go home. Something else has replaced that drive with fervor. Unknown whether that is a good thing or not
    • His cousin is now living with him in the dorms
    • Relationship status: ???

  • Quie Rukt'In - 130 (appears 25), female, Ice Dragon
    • Working to keep her family and their home safe
    • Friendly and cuddly if you get to know her
    • Not afraid to get into a fight
    • Her work involves meetings with government officials/agencies and agents of the Veil
    • Relationship Status: Courting Silver Nivalle

  • "KirMir" Preidats- 18, single entity comprised of one male and one female body. 2nd year of College. Biology Major. Clerk/delivery runner at Damascus Arms
    • very intelligent, excellent at picking up weapons
    • Lived on the space station for several years before coming to the island
    • well dressed, frequently with holstered firearms where legal
    • Straightforward and blunt but actually quite friendly
    • Very much enjoy dancing
    • Slowly learning how to express their emotions better and be more social
    • Clerk/Deliveries for Damascus Arms
    • Relationship Status: Dating Liliana

  • Erione- 17 year old god of glass. High School Junior
    • very friendly and creative
    • likes giving little glass statues as gifts
    • fragile
    • seeking to expand his domain by spreading joy and appreciation in/for glass
    • started a shrine and worshiper base to keep him safe on the island
    • Had come to Manta Carlos and enrolled as a student briefly before going home for a while and then returning
    • Relationship Status: Single interested in: (gentle people of any gender)

  • Fulger- mentally/physically 10 year old male bug demon/nature spirit child. 6th grader
    • small and shy
    • scared of girls, and terrified of his siblings
    • Eats electricity
    • Only has a few friends, and even fewer he can safely hug like he wants to
    • Only has 5 years to live unless something very powerful happens or he eats his siblings
      • He says he refuses to eat his siblings

  • Ireneus Paulos- looks 25, actually a couple millenia old male phoenix. Long time Paramedic on the island
    • Has a thunderbird companion: Askuwheteau
    • Friendly and cheerful but he is no fool
    • Has lived on the island for over 50 years
    • claustrophobic
    • Could have been a doctor on the island but refuses to become a physician again
    • Adopted Shara Ohsima
    • Relationship Status: Single (looking for: anyone, especially interesting people or travelers)

  • Arianell mentally/physically 19, female spirit. Recent graduate of Manta Carlos Police Academy
    • Fairly well-adjusted and has been ont he island through her highschool years
    • more likely to usher someone out of a bad situation than start a fight
    • Dislikes people who consistently lie to her
    • Likes cooking and dancing, though her skills with both are not super amazing
    • Relationship Status: Single? (interested in females)

  • Aura Fynn 18 year old female werewolf/eldritch hybrid. High School Senior
    • Quiet and doesn't like the spotlight
    • embarrassed of her eldritch features but fine showing off her hair color shifting and wolf teeth
    • was on the islets because she was too dangerous to herself and others until she gained enough self-control and went through extensive therapy
    • Was born female and can now be physically either male or female as she wishes but still generally identifies as female
    • waitress at Club Orpheus
    • Relationship Status: Dating Hella Magnusson

  • Colten Morey 26 year old Pride Demon. Accomplished novelist, going for his Masters degree
    • rich and well connected
    • Owns and oversees Grovefire Manor and the Morey Estate
    • Very proud of being a demon and spends a lot of time and money towards advancing demon interests on the island
    • "Master" of Praeminstra- aka foster/adoptive parent and boss
    • Relationship Status: Single, seeking females

  • Tuesday 19 year old witch. Candlemaker and college freshman
    • Impulsive and adventurous, definitely a party girl
    • very flirty, doesn't want to be tied down. Unless you're into that kinda thing
    • abhors quietness and will make things noisy if she has to
    • part of the "Coven of the Week" with the other witches named after the days of the week
    • Relationship status: sleeping with various people

  • Lycia Corus 17 year old blind princess from another world
    • a little clumsy and aloof
    • way focused on her dreams and the world she creates in them
    • naive and curious
    • relationship status: dating Ezekiel Stromthan

  • Tril 17 year old fog demon
    • Loves causing minor mischief and shapeshifting to use other people's faces
    • Fairly smart underneath the games and tricks
    • creepy and spoopy, but mostly harmless here on the island
    • Very much repelled by divine beings
    • Took drastic measures to try going home. It failed
    • Relationship status: single (looking for: fun people. doesn't matter the shape or kind)

  • Felen Velgaren 21 year old elf/demon hybrid. bodyguard to Zoraida
    • well-disciplined soldier, usually calm and relaxed under pressure
    • does have a penchant for unusual urges from his demonic side
    • Most at home working in the shadows but has no qualms about being out and about in the light
    • Carbon fiber plant head familiar. Because reasons
    • Relationship status: single (Looking for: females? maybe?)

  • Seyyal Vermilion 17 year old human from Lycia's dream world
    • Member of the adventuring group called The Lionesses
    • Smart and combat savvy
    • competent and mature
    • sees what people are capable of and develops strategies based on that
    • doesn't know her past is "fake"
    • Relationship status: ??? looking for: guys (does she like girls too? maaaybe. Who knows)

  • Sharpe ??? year old imp/sword
    • is a very Sharpe sword
    • likes to poke fun
    • sarcastic
    • Pacted to an NPC named Frank, a drunk washed up arena fighter
    • Relationship status: ???
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