a lack of foresight


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Feb 24, 2014
“Rich and beautiful? Do I need to tell you?” Amélie teased back. She straightened her back slightly as Lochlann moved to drink with her. She momentarily glanced at the hour on the wall. It wasn’t too early for an eager man, she supposed.

Amélie paused at Lochlann’s next question. She stayed still in surprise, or perhaps suspicion. Still, she did not starve him of an answer, “It does no hurt, unless you wish it to.”

She grinned for a long moment before elaborating, “People ask for fortunes through many mediums. Tarot cards, palm-reading, crystal balls, chicken bones… but they are more like, hmmm, fidget-spinners?”

It was rare to see such a ditzy look on Amélie.

“They help focus the spellcaster’s magic. Oh, no! It’s more like, like, telling a story through either a movie or a book. They can tell the same story but in totally different ways.”

Amélie quickly occupied her mouth with the rest of her sangria.


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Aug 4, 2013
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It was difficult to determine if Lochlann looked relieved or worried that it wouldn't hurt. The difficult came because, while on one hand Lochlann was greatly relieved that it wouldn't hurt, the other hand was that Lochlann at least knew how to handle pain. Uncertainty was a whole other story.

He glanced up at her while she downed her sangria and Lochlann gave a very different sort of smile, one that was at odds with his charming bartender image, but one that was still very much a part of Lochlann.

It was shy and a little bit nervous.

"I've had tarot and a crystal ball once or twice before," he said. "Normally tarot."

His card was, apparently, the hanged man.

Her metaphor about story telling worked for him considerably. He rested his elbows against the bar and then ran a hand through the hair on the back of his neck. He said, "What's...the worst thing that ever came out of reading for someone?"

He was trying to calm his nerves.

Even though he was the one who called her here, he was still nervous.

ooc: btw feel free to grab anything from lochlann's thread tracker for his reading for anything in the past category. it's all fair game. i'll be sending you a link about the future in a bit!


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