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005 "May" Valiant

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by gray, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. gray

    New Member

    Nov 4, 2018
    Posting Status:
    005 “May” Valiant

    Around 20 billion - Human form appears to be around mid 20s



    Valiant (Alien)


    College and Middle School

    College History and 8th grade Science

    Appearance Description:
    Original form- May stands at 6”5 and weighs 230 lbs. Her skin is gummy in texture and shaded very light green. Her head points up into a triangle, then extends down her back and curls into almost a tail shape. Her torso is relatively human-shaped, but without any of the natural curves humans generally have. Her feet are long and flat, with grooves on the bottoms. Her hands are also long and flat, with suctions on her fingertips. Both of forms have scars covering her torso and neck.

    Human form- May is the same height and weight as her human form. She has light blonde hair and pale skin. Her face is long but has soft features. Her eyes are large, black, and friendly. She isn’t especially skinny or fat, just medium.

    Personality Description:
    May is an overachiever by nature. She absolutely loves work and often turns minuscule chores in her life into full-scale projects (Ex. If she’s asked to get coffee she will calculate how long it would take to walk to the coffee shop and back, as well as how she will say the order in the most time-sparing way). May is willing to sacrifice her and others’ wellbeing to make it complex, as long as something extreme isn’t on the line. She sees the fun in everything but has trouble understanding those that don’t.

    May’s outlook on life is very happy-go-lucky. She focuses on the present, which is something she was forced to learn when she discovered how short Earth’s species’ lives are. One of her biggest flaws is how gullible she is. She doesn’t believe that anyone could truly have bad intentions, despite being wronged many times in the past. May is only street-smart in the ways of human psychology, so she can be naive when it comes to conflict. There is a childlike charm to her, despite her vast knowledge. She is quick to trust but doesn’t get heart-broken easily. She has always been patient. She has very low empathy.

    Babies and children of all species have always been a weakness for May. Although she may not be very good at taking care of them, she absolutely loves watching them play and interact. This is most likely caused by that fact that Valiants do not have a “child” stage of life. May is fascinated by the idea of life growing and evolving. Another favorite of her’s is fashion. She buys fashion magazines in bulk and studies them in her spare time. She loves calculating the perfect shapes and colors to mix together. She usually makes her own clothes. Many of her outfits are winter-themed to keep her warm.

    Active Abilities:
    Shapeshifting- Valiants can mimic the forms of other species for an hour at a time. They require at least an hour of rest afterwards.

    Passive Abilities:
    Immortality (sort of)- Valiants are incapable of dying of old age. They can, however, die from injury.

    Cold- May’s home planet had a very warm climate with temperatures ranging in 70°F (record low) to 250°F (record high). She often struggles to cope with this change, especially during winter. If she gets too cold her body will automatically shut down and cover itself with a warm, cotton-like outer coating. May is unable to do anything in this state, at least until she is sufficiently heated.

    Common Magical Items:
    Simple Language Charm (Valiant)

    005 was formed on Valiant. Her assigned planet for study and analyzation was a newly habitable one known as Earth. Earth was the 5th planet in that galaxy the Valiants had discovered, hence the name 005. For most of 005’s life, she watched the planet grow from afar, in her pod. She grew attached to it and its species. Humans had always been fascinating for her, especially how short yet complex their lives are. Around the 1300s 005 went down to Earth and took form as a human. She arrived in the season of May so she decided that would be her Earth name. Since then May had been travelling the world, experiencing what there is to experience and discovering new people and animals. Along the way, many humans feared her, as she wasn’t very typical looking. This lead to her being mistreated both with words and physical blows. May finally settled down in Manta Carlos, where she could be accepted without using up her shapeshifting abilities.

    Additional Information:
    Some information on May’s home planet- Valiant was a small, almost meteor-like planet that once orbited two suns in a distant galaxy. The main species, Valiants, had a very strict society that focused mainly on gaining as much knowledge as possible. Valiants don’t really age, they are just created, told what they need to do, and then sent out on their own. The planet had an 80 billion year lifespan before eventually being knocked into one of its suns. This left many Valiants stranded and alone in random galaxies throughout the universe.

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