year of the gods

  1. Polaris

    Event Open Year of the Gods Finale

    It had been a long, long year. A long year for the citizens of Manta Carlos, both old and new, but also for the Twelve, who had spent the year attempting to curry favor with the public. They'd been allowed to set up a small stage in the park downtown, and notices had been put up for those who...
  2. Polaris

    Year of the Gods Finale

    The Year of the Gods is drawing to a close. Each of the Gods has announced themselves, given their boons and made themselves known to the people of Manta Carlos. For this final month, the Gods turn to the islanders to decide whether they are worthy of their worship; whether their boons have...
  3. Polaris

    YOTG Volleyball Signup

    Sign-ups for the YOTG Volleyball Tournament are to be put in this thread. Please post the name of your character, a link to their character sheet, and a single ability they possess that they will be using. Only one character per member will be allowed. This event will be happening in...
  4. Polaris


    Wyspr is a new app, recently launched by April of the Twelve. While largely digital in nature, the app is backed heavily by magic, ensuring its security. Any attempt to hack it will lead to a number of insults being thrown at the hacker, and attempts to get into the database have...
  5. Polaris

    Event Private Finished A Special Wish

    March and Miss November waited quietly in the woods by the cemetary. With March being more comfortable around the trees and November being drawn towards the old and crumbling gravestones. Neither of them felt like ruining the calm silence until it was time to meet Riley. The girl had been very...
  6. Keen

    Going Down Memory Lane

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  7. Polaris

    Event Finished March Awards Thread

    Each of the winners would find themselves approached by a particularly active squirrel the evening after the end of the scavenger hunt, flagging them down and delivering an invitation. The gathering would happen Saturday, midday, in the woods. When they reached the clearing, they'd find a...
  8. Polaris

    Winter Mystery

    The island, as many have realized, has been facing a pretty large crisis: Snow. While some snowfall is expected throughout December, the island has been seeing nonstop snow every day since the first, and it shows no signs of stopping. There's evidence that the snowfall is magical in nature. The...
  9. Polaris

    YotG: Festival of Borne Fruit

    On the 12-14 of this month, the ICC will have a scenery change for the Year of the Gods ongoing event. Food, fun, and friends come together to celebrate the harvest time with this month's patron god, October.
  10. Polaris

    Event Finished YOTG September: Awards

    The maze was gone, cleared out to leave only a clearing. There were dozens of squirrels, and in the center, September. He was dressed the same as he'd been at the start of the maze, although he looked slightly rumbled, as if he'd spent two days sprinting around a maze at top speed. Anh Sang...
  11. Polaris

    Event Finished YOTG: September's Game

    Not far into the woods is a large hedge maze. Really large. The hedges reach up twenty feet in the air, towering over the clearing where the entire maze has been set up. On the southeast corner of the maze is a gate, large, ornate, and seemingly made entirely of gold, and in front of that gate...
  12. Polaris

    Year of the Gods: September Signups

    Wherever you are. Whatever you're doing. A screen nearby flickers to life or changes abruptly. And on this screen appears a sight that is only slightly more strange than average to the typical islander. A grey squirrel, dressed in garish Willy Wonka-esque attire steps into view, twirling an...
  13. Polaris

    Letters from No One

    Your character has received a strange letter, slid under their door. There's no return address, but it's addressed very nicely and neatly to your character, generally by first name only. The contents of the letter are as follows: The symbol is included at the bottom of the letter, for those...
  14. Polaris

    Year of the Gods

    In mid-august of 2018, the Twelve Gods announced their presence on Manta Carlos at an unofficial graduation party. Their message was simple: They were forgotten, abandoned gods, with no people of their own. Without belief, they could not sustain themselves, and with only a single artifact each...
  15. Polaris

    The Real Graduation Party

    The main room, which until now has been empty and covered in dust from years of disuse, is clean and covered in vague, esoteric decorations. Streamers along the ceiling, bundles of plants that are all alive, despite several of them being out of season. The room is mostly lit by candles that are...
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