wildlife conservation

  1. Polaris

    Event Private Finished Conservation: Breaching the Woods

    Right where the woods began, among the sprawling trees and open air, were several large slow moving creatures. Their legs were thick and green, resembling moss covered trees and they had trunks along with glowing bulbs attached to their bodies. They were very heavy and shook the ground as they...
  2. Polaris

    Event Finished Conservation: Islets

    Doctor Jason Chang was well used to being out in the wilderness, tracking the creatures he devoted his life to. He was leading a surprisingly small party of volunteers into the forest near the complex he was using to house his precious cargo until a way home could be found for them all. He was...
  3. Polaris

    Event Finished Conservation: Deep Woods

    Near the designated meeting point at the edge of the forest, a creature waited. It was very firmly not human, and even calling it humanoid would have been a massive stretch. It was a mottled green, with a centaurian body shape. Rather than four legs, it had eight, and it's body was largely...
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