1. birdie


    It was the weekend before the semester started and the blue house that was 54 Island Avenue thrummed with a bassline heartbeat. Inside the house was a boy who’d drank too much. He hadn’t wanted to come here tonight. He hadn’t meant to drink. The plan was to drop off his two friends who...
  2. Tom Marvolo Riddle

    god awful shitty feeling of dread in my heart

    Reading this thread isn't recommended, it's going to be heavily sick and explicit. Proceed at your own risk. Jude had been good in Manta Carlos up until now. New and improved, despite not quite mustering the courage to leave his apartment! Go fucking figure. But once his birthday rolled...
  3. Poppy

    this dream isn't feeling sweet

    What time is it? Felix's eyes snapped open to blurry strobe lights and movement, a kaledeiscope of gyrating, silhouettes gathered around him. The music was deafening, rattling his insides, throwing him off kilter. His stomach growled, angry, empty and wanting to vomit. Before he knew it, a...
  4. Tom Marvolo Riddle

    pity partier

    @Poppy Strobe lights bursting like fire, like bullets, with the way it made his head pound and ache. Rhys' everything was spinning, but he could barely feel it with how numb his body was. He flip flopped between rooms and people, rambling and snapping and sobbing until he was bumped and pushed...
  5. Poppy

    make-up test

    OOC: DO NOT READ THIS THREAD IT IS ALL KINDS OF FUCKED UP Cecil thought the script was ridiculous. He threw the stack of papers on the vanity and sighed, sinking into his chair. In a few episodes, his character, Rico Velasquez, was going to get brutally murdered by his ex-boyfriend's evil...
  6. Fletcher

    Skulls already cracked on the ground

    Let it be known that Henry was not a fan of the sunlight. But even so, he had to work as promoter on the outdoors. The thing was, it was almost time for the spring.. "Bikini Bash'. Yes. Bikini Bash. The Cross Fox seemed to be promoting something of an outdoor dancing strip party that was going...
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