travis king

  1. Romi

    Same Old Story

    A part of Jude was afraid. Afraid that this time was the time too far. That this time was the end, the last straw, the last stop. Because he couldn't keep going. Every time he was down--every time he was really fucked up--Rory always seemed to pop out of nowhere and slap him in the face. He'd...
  2. Romi

    Two Days

    Jude was, all things considered, pretty tired. He'd slept, but he was still tired. He'd vented to Rory. He'd vented to Officer Genovese. But for the most part? He'd tried to keep it business as usual. He didn't want to vent to Alma. He liked her, but the relationship was also too new to dump all...
  3. Max!!

    Hail to the King

    After his conversation with Jude, Travis had to perform some tests. He'd texted Rory to meet him in their usual sparring spot. He'd also mention it was super important. He couldn't do this stuff a few days ago and now he just needed some practice. Nice thing about Rory was he knew for sure he...
  4. Max!!

    It did what now?

    Travis was meeting up with Jude over at Officer Genovese's house. This wasn't anything out of the ordinary, almost to the point that he practically lived there himself. The rest of the team lived there, but it felt strange just moving in. Or asking to move in, though this older cop version of...
  5. Romi

    The Worst Taste

    Well, everything was good and awful. The party had been mostly okay, outside of that one thing, but then the pool had to go and make everything so complicated. His had been fine. Everyone else had been fine. Zoras? Zoras had not been fine. Which was why he was currently getting lunch with...
  6. Sarrain

    Private Finished We've Been Here Before, Adrastia

    Rory hovered off the ground. Not a lot, but more than she'd been able to before. A slow and steady incline. She was showing off to Travis, who gave her a dubious look when she'd told him she wanted him to punch her in the face to test a power. Granted, Rory's idea of power testing was...
  7. Sarrain

    D For Defiant

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  8. Sarrain

    Private Finished The Peanut Gallery

    The video feed to the camera opens up just as Broen and Altizica enter the arena. Rory points it at Travis who is sitting beside her. "Are you ready for two-bit Linkin park to get his ass kicked vol. 2?" She asked Travis @Max!!
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