the rusted anchor

  1. Alfalfalcon

    a lack of foresight

    Fortune-telling was not a lucrative business. Even on an island full of its own mysteries and wonders, the prospect of knowing the future, the fate of a person, was largely frowned upon. Not everyone believed in destiny or in luck, and those few that did were not often interested in hearing...
  2. ReD

    The Rusted Anchor Bar: Lochlann's Apartment

    The Rusted Anchor Bar: Upstairs Apartment Forum Location: The Pier Island Location: The Pier, behind the anchor sculpture Home of the Water Horse Lochlann Cabyll-Ushtey The Apartment: Located above the infamous dive bar, The Rusted Anchor, the apartment is a small, one-bedroom affair that...
  3. ReD

    Private Finished The more you know the less you'll eventually find out

    It was spring. Lochlann's scars had mostly healed, but he still had to keep his hand wrapped for work. The bar had hired him back after all and he was slowly getting used to the idea of living above the Rusted Anchor again. He was taking classes and, with some encouragement, had even started...
  4. ReD

    The Rusted Anchor (Dive Bar)

    The Rusted Anchor Beach-side Bar and Grill General information: Location: The Pier Hours: Monday-Sunday: 6PM-6AM, Kitchen closes at 12PM on Weekdays. Breakfast is served Sun-Thurs. Happy Hour: Thursday and Friday, 6-8PM Description: The Rusted Anchor is a small bar wedged between two...
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