sushi (mint)

  1. Mint

    Private The Great Spooking of 2020

    With his lessons finished earlier than usual today, Sushi decided to take a detour on his way home. Rather than heading straight to his dorm room, he chose to explore other parts of the dorms and see what the building really looked like inside. He found himself travelling through the building...
  2. TheYummyPie

    Private Hello, Stranger!

    Lavender was sitting in front of -not really in front of, she's pretty away from it- the fireplace, watching the fire dance. She had nothing to do. She was bored. What Lavender will do while there's nothing? @Mint
  3. Zora

    Private Houses and Homes Places to Roam

    Harmonia arrived like a whirlwind a little after five-thirty in the evening and marched through the foyer of her new home in her red high heels and cloud of a subtle perfume that smelled like the exotic roses growing in Aphrodite's garden. The goddess was anxious to see if they had started fully...
  4. Mint

    Private Dumpster Diving

    Early on in the morning before most people had woken up, Sushi completed his morning routine, set up his helmet and headed out. There wasn't really any particular plan that he had for the day, he just happened to wake up early and decided to go out and explore. The boy spent the better part of...
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