suicide mention

  1. Kada

    Private First Session: Tilly

    Therapy had never really been an option for Tilly in the years since she had become the Sapphire Spark's bearer. Not that she hadn't had therapy: the government had shoved her in front of dozens of shrinks and pansies to try and get to the root os the girl's problems. But none of them had ever...
  2. Saber

    Leto Alabaster

    Warning: Cannibalism And Suicide Mentioned Name: Leto Alabaster Age: 15 Birthday: Gender: Male Species: Wendigo Category: Students Class: High School Grade: Remedial [/spoiler]
  3. PixelatedGlory

    Private Finished Live Love Listen

    KirMir's apartment wasnt really ever cluttered. They had plenty of possessions, but for the most part they were returned to their proper locations for the next time they were needed. That was why Kir was busily cleaning up from a nice lunch of sandwiches and soup they'd shared with Lily. The...
  4. Wuffy

    Private The Weight of it All

    For many, it would be a regular day. Xavier thought it would be the same as usual. Get up, feed Dani and get her sorted for the day, get himself ready. Babysitter arrives to take Dani somewhere. Xavier would go for a jog, swimming, volunteering, a free run, hang with friends. An active and busy...
  5. PixelatedGlory

    Private Finished The Fog Rises

    The tragedy that had occured near the lake a week ago was drifting into the past. Put out of the minds of many people, aside from those who might have been impacted more directly by it. There were rumors of an increase in misty buildup around the lake in the evenings and just before dawn but it...
  6. PixelatedGlory

    A Foggy Night

    So Tril, my little shapeshifting mischievous fog demon, has been increasingly feeling homesick and lonely. Their perception is that they are away from home with no actual friends or meaningful relationships to be a support network. They've increasingly become despondent and they've decided to...
  7. Zora

    Cleaning Out the Closet

    Slipping quietly into her beachside house, Zora felt a chill run up her spine at how eerily quiet it was, and at how clinical it smelled. She had not been back home since that fateful evening. Though she now guessed that Felen or her grandfather must have hired someone to clean up afterward -...
  8. Romi

    Reminisce by the Roses

    Frederick hadn't been many places. He didn't have free reign, and he couldn't say he was at liberty. But he had some amount of freedom, and he opted to get to Morning Glory a few minutes early. He bought himself coffee, considered the food options, and then decided it was proabbly better to...
  9. Romi

    Left Behind to Pick up the Pieces

    Looking back, Angelo would have put the past few days as some of the absolute worst week of his life. He had almost died once before, but he'd been unconscious for that. He'd been dead to the world. Now he just wished he'd been dead to the world. He'd slept for much of the past few days...
  10. Zora

    There Is No Joy in Sorrow

    Staring numbly out the hotel window, Zora could feel the tears welling up again in her eyes as she wiped them away with the back of her hand. Ever since she got out of the hospital, memories of Broen, both good and bad, came unbidden to her at odd times of the day and set her off in a heap of...
  11. Romi

    Some Bad News

    It was Angelo's least favorite part of the job. There was nothing like it in all his work, and it was the last job anyone wanted to do. But this one? This one was on him. He'd already had to tell Angelo and the rest of the Halcyonites, and that left only a small list, mostly courtesy of his...
  12. EmiRose


    Image made on a Picrew by Torro Name: Daring Age: Chronologically 5, physically 18 and mentally 20 Birthday: Unknown Gender: Agender Species: NEK0 Category: Student Class: Remedial [/SPOILER] After being saved from their hellish life by academy scouts Blanc/Molly renamed...
  13. Keen

    Private Finished Give Me That Tea

    <style type="text/css"> .sprinklespost { border: solid 6px #FF859D;width: 90%; padding: 3.5%;background: white;color: black;text-align: justify; border-radius: 25px;} .sprinklespost b {font-weight: bold; color: #A096FF} .sprinklespost a:link { color: #7FDAFF !important; text-shadow: 0 0 0;}...
  14. Goblin


    Hey, guys. So I feel like it's safe to assume that the shakiness of my activity is pretty common knowledge. I'm sorry about that, genuinely. I'm sorry that I haven't been better about communicating, because I always took long term discomfort over the shory term regarding talking to my threading...
  15. Zora

    The Past, Present and Future

    "Yeah, well, I would be disappointed too, " Zora said, balancing the phone and her shopping bags as she entered the house from her Christmas shopping spree earlier. She had bought some tree ornaments, mini-lights and other holiday decorations so she could start doing up the house. "Truthfully...
  16. Zora

    First Session: Zoraida

    Pacing the therapist's office for a bit, Zora finally stopped to look out the window at people in the street below. She was oddly nervous, anxious and calm, all at the same time. She knew that she should have come earlier, like almost as soon as the attack had happened - in fact, the doctor who...
  17. Zora

    Private Finished I'ma try to swim from something bigger than me

    She actually had no idea how long she had stayed in the forest. Or how long she had screamed at Tomas's shade, or even how long she had cried afterwards. In fact, Zora had absolutely no idea how she ended up here at all. No memory of whether she had walked here or driven. She knew that...
  18. Kada

    Make Me Strong

    Broen was not at all looking forward to this. He had a knot in his stomach worse than anything and he felt like at any minute he was going to vomit and pass out. He didn't want to do this, but he knew he didn't have a lot of choice. Jude was with him, at least. That was one point of contact...
  19. Romi

    Tale from the Other Side

    Jude did not have all the facts. In fact, he had very few of the facts. The story he'd been told was partial and incomplete, but it had given him at least one small fact to go digging into. Whatever had happened, Xarrah was there. He knew her well enough, although he wouldn't have considered...
  20. EmiRose

    Diego Alvaro

    Made in a dollmaker Name: Diego Alvaro Age: 17 Birthday: December 24th Gender: Male Species: Metahuman Category: Student Class: High school Grade: 11th [/SPOILER]
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