species: yokai

  1. Abbysaurus

    Eriko Otomo

    Name: Eriko Otomo Alias: Elisabeth Hadley Age: 17 Birthday: July 2 Gender: Non-Binary (She/Her; They/Them) Species: Half Oni Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 11 Appearance Description: Eriko is on the shorter side and built like a ball of compressed muscle. Aside from her blue skin...
  2. GrimRPer

    Primary Umiko Mikadzuki

    Ocean Spirit Form Fox Form Kitsune form Human form Appearance Description: Apparent Age: Fox: Adult (precise age impossible to estimate) Human or Kitsune: 21 Eyes: Golden Yellow Skin: Kitsune: Pale Human: Light Clothing Style: Kitsune: Traditional Japanese (Haori, Yukata, Kimono...
  3. GrimRPer

    Primary Soosei "Gemini", Hakushoku

    Minor Deity associated with Wealth, Protection, Unattainable Desires. Manju Baker. Appearance Description: Height: 1.81m (5'11") Weight: 52kg (114lbs) Fox Height: 1.02m (3'4") (on all four), 2.04m (6'8") (on hind legs) Physical Build: Slim Hair: Gold towards orange Fur: Golden with white ear...
  4. GrimRPer

    Primary Symlink

    Oh hi there... Name: Symlink Age: 0 (apparent: 10years) Birthday: 01/01/2020 Gender: One. I jest, he's a boy. Species: Half Yokai (Kitsune), Half Data Category: Student Class: Elementary Grade: 4 Appearance Description: Height: 1.29 meters (4'3") Weight: 30 kg (around 66lbs) Fox Height: 71...
  5. Nameless

    Primary Ater Blake

    Name: Ater Blake Age: 19 Birthday: February 15 Gender: Male Species: Kitsune Category: Student Class: College Grade: First Year College Major: Occultism Career: Waiter Appearance Description: Ater stands at a height of 5'7" with a thin, semi-athletic build. His hair and tail are naturally...
  6. GrimRPer

    Primary Sumi no Ookami

    Appearance Description: Art by ホリー (Kaze-Hime) Eyes: Black (Red under strong light) Hair: White with gradient to black locks. Skin: Slightly Pale Build: Slim Height: 1.45 m (4'9") Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs) Clothing Preference: None, anything goes for his human disguise, although it is more often...
  7. Saber

    Primary Shiro

    WARNING: CHILD ABUSE AND UNDERAGE SEX Name: Shiro Age: Seventeen Gender: Female Birthday: February 13th Species: Bakeneko/Vampire Hybrid Category: Student Class: High School Grade: Junior Job: Part Time Waitress [/SPOILER]
  8. GrimRPer

    Primary Neon Moth "NEON"

    Online Name: NEON蛾 ("Neon Moth") Appearance Description: Made with Phantasy Star Portable 2 Inifnity Edited from episode screencap of Wagaya no Oinari-sama (Our Home's Fox Deity) Height:1.88 meters (6'2") Weight: 57 kg (around 126) Fox Height: 1.22 meters (4 feet) (all four, ground to...
  9. Pallas

    Primary Izumi Yashima

    Name: Izumi Yashima (or Yashima no Izumi) Age: 332 (appears as middle age) Birthday: 08/08/1688 Gender: Female Species: Bake-Danuki / Tanuki (Yokai) Category: Staff Class: High School Subject/Work: Japanese / Creative Writing Appearance Description: Though her species can take on...
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