species: psychopomp

  1. Ephemral

    Primary Alexandra "Sasha"

    Name: Alexandra "Sasha'' Age: 19 Birthday: 8/8 Gender: Female Species: Reaper Category: Citizen Career: Works at a funeral home Appearance Description: Common traits between the two different forms: - She stands at 5'6" - Lean body type - Under her left kneecap, a scar trails down...
  2. Nameless

    Primary Eric Surcadre

    Name: Eric Surcadre Age: 13 14 15 Birthday: May 7 Gender: Male Species: Werewolf/Reaper Hybrid Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 10th Appearance Description: Eric looks like one of those people who would end up in juvie island. As young as he is, he simply gives off that kind of aura...
  3. Zora

    Primary Liliana

    Name: Liliana Age: 18 Birthday: April 6 Gender: she/her Species: psychopomp Category: student Class: College Grade: 1st year Appearance Description: - Medium height - On the thin side, but not too thin either - Long red hair - blue eyes - Dresses casually jeans, t-shirt, short dresses...
  4. Nameless

    Primary Luciana Meikai

    Name: Luciana Meikai Age: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Gender: Female Species: Grim Reaper Category: Citizen Career: Escort (To the afterlife and otherwise) Appearance Description: Art by: Nakanoart At first glance, she appears as a normal girl. Some may even say she was enchanting, beautiful...
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