species: human

  1. foggydoggy

    Primary Johanna "J." Nealson

    Name: Johanna "J." Nealson Age: 24 Birthday: April 8 Gender: Female, she Species: Human Category: Student Class: College Grade: 4th year College Major: Physics Career: Trainer at the local Wolf's Den Gym on the weekends, also handles self-defense lessons Official art is by Nimble Neuron...
  2. Romi

    Vito Savoia

    <img class="trackimg" src="https://i.imgur.com/7HktDPf.png">APPEARANCE Vito is a tall, broad, and heavily muscled man. Despite being in a profession unassociated with physicality, an excess of free time has given him plenty of time and energy to pursue his own physical fitness, both for...
  3. Saber

    Primary Xera Alathemia

    Name: Xera Alathemia Age: Eighteen Birthday: January First Gender: Female Species: Human Category: Student Class: High School Grade: Senior Employment: Part-time Magic Shop Cashier
  4. Princess_Anastasia

    Primary Anastasia Greene

    Name: Anastasia Greene Age: Nineteen Birthday: 14th of December Gender: Female She/Her Species: Hybrid - Human/Elemental (Magic) Category: Student Class: College Grade: Sophomore College Major: Magic - Summoning & Conjuration Appearance Description: Eye color: Dark Purple verging on black skin...
  5. Abbysaurus

    Eriko Otomo

    Name: Eriko Otomo Alias: Elisabeth Hadley Age: 17 Birthday: July 2 Gender: Non-Binary (She/Her; They/Them) Species: Half Oni Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 11 Appearance Description: Eriko is on the shorter side and built like a ball of compressed muscle. Aside from her blue skin...
  6. Wuffy

    Primary Bran Owens

    Name: Bran Owens. 'Unit 425-B'. Age: 21. Birthday: June 15th. Gender: Male; he/him/his. Species: Genetically Modified Human. Category: Student. Class: College. Grade: 1st Year. College Major: Undeclared. Career: Security. Appearance Description: Standing at 180cm (5'11), his build is...
  7. Boop

    Primary Ariel Del Bosque

    Name: Ariel Del Bosque Age: 20 Birthday: August 26 Gender: Non-Binary (he/him, they/them) Species: Witch (Human)/Nymph Category: Student Class: College Grade: 2nd Year College Major: Botany Career: Intern at DB Holdings Appearance Description: Commission by klamblotblob A bit taller than...
  8. Abbysaurus

    Primary Paprika Fuoco

    Name: Paprika Fuoco (nee Joseph Penn) Age: 20 Birthday: May 5th Gender: Male (He/Him) Species: Human Category: Citizen Career: Chef and Restaurateur. (Official art of Oda Nobukatsu from Fate/Grand Order. Illustrator: pako.) Appearance Description: Paprika Fuoco is a thin young man with pale...
  9. Stefan

    Primary Elijah (Stefan)

    Name: Elijah Age: 21(Physical/Mental) 3 (Chronological) Birthday: March 14th Gender: Male Species: NEK04 Category: Citizen Job: Escort at Wolfsbane Bordello Photo credit: Mianamaxi Appearance: Soft brown hair sits naturally spiked atop his head. Nestled inside that are a set of ears...
  10. Abbysaurus

    Primary Kyō Tatsuzaki

    Name: Kyō Tatsuzaki Age: 10 Birthday: February 17 Gender: Female (She/Her) Species: Human-Feline-Reptile Chimera Category: Student Class: Elementary Grade: 4 (Made with this Picrew by https://twitter.com/HELLomurice) Appearance Description: At first glance Kyo's regular form seems to be a...
  11. Bloos

    Primary Jessie Sylva

    Jessie Sylva ASL: 21, M, Fucking your dad. 22 | November 1st | Male | Half-Demon, Half-Human | Citizen | Your Friendly Neighborhood Thug APPEARANCE Jessie is stylish as fuck. The amount of bling and glam he wears is ridiculous. He got gold in his mouth, ice on his wrist, and red timbs for...
  12. Abbysaurus

    Primary Father Brian Hadley

    Name: Father Brian Hadley Age: 63 Birthday: July 10 Gender: Male (He/Him) Species: Human Category: Citizen Career: Church-Sponsored Paranormal Security Expert Created with Picrew by Ogami_MGN Appearance Description: Hadley is 6'1 with green eyes and fair skin, covered in numerous scars and...
  13. Abbysaurus

    Primary Annika "Anne" Gunnhildr Skjeggestad

    Name: Annika ‘Anne’ Gunnhildr Skjeggestad Age: 22 Birthday: December 14th Gender: Female (She/Her) Species: Human Category: Student Class: College Grade: 2nd Year College Major: Fine Arts Career: Freelance Digital Artist Appearance Description: Anne is short and has a fairly slim frame, though...
  14. Boop

    Primary Mícháel "Ciarán" Delaney

    Name: Mícháel "Ciarán" Delaney Age: 19 Birthday: February 7th Gender: Male Species: Human Category: Student Class: High School Grade: Remedial Appearance Description: Art by TyrianCallows, coloured by me A slender young man of average height (5'9"), Mícháel looks like a normal human except...
  15. Lich King

    Primary Jun Vasko

    Name: Jun Vasko (Formely Jun Ji-Hun ) Age: 96 years old Birthday: May 12 Gender: Male Species: Human Category: Citizen Subject/Work: Scout Investigator
  16. Saber

    Primary Arno Thorndrake

    Name: Arno Thorndrake Age: Sixteen Birthday: June First Gender: Genderfluid Species: Human/Dragon Hybrid Category: Student Class: High School Grade: Sophomore
  17. Kathinja

    Primary Isadora Papoutis

    Name: Isadora Papoutis Age: 20 Birthday: October 2nd Gender: Female, she/her Species: Human Category: Citizen Occupation: Waitress Appearance Description: Isadora is mixed race, with slightly tanned skin with olive undertones. She has brown eyes and long, slightly wavy brown hair that...
  18. Fox Tarts

    Supporting Filomena Del Bosque

    Name: Filomena "Meena" Del Bosque Age: 80 (human form looks early 20s) Birthday: 10/10 Gender: Female (She/Her) Species: Human (Cursed/Witch) Category: Staff Class: Middle/High School Subject/Work: Witchcraft/Druidism Appearance Description: Filomena was once a a beautiful young woman with...
  19. Stefan

    Primary Levina Cromwell

    Name: Levina Cromwell Age: 21 (physical) 27 (chronologically) Birthday: Jan 17 Gender: female (she/her) Species: Human Category: Citizen Career: Maid/Floor Girl at The Blank Slate Photo credit: Comission by Sayutb [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...
  20. Kait

    Primary Vivian Renault

    <!--this is a character profile and heres some css--> <style> #characterName { font-family:oswald; font-size:30pt; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; text-align:center; padding:10px; } #charpic { margin: 0 5%; width: 90%; } .sectionHeader {...
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