species: dragon

  1. Wuffy

    Primary Isstar Rukt'In

    Name: Isstar Rukt'In. Age: 0 (Physically 17-18). Birthday: January 30th. Gender: Male; he/him/his. Species: Dragon. Category: Citizen. Career: Unemployed. Appearance Description: Isstar is a copy, meaning he shares quite a few physical traits with whom he is based on. However, his build...
  2. Max!!

    Primary Hector Shaa'Ptros

    Name: Hector Shaa‘Ptros Age: 16 Birthday: May 8 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: High school Grade: 11 Career: Convenience store clerk Appearance Description: Hector is pretty hard to miss even if you try. He’s 5’9”, with strong draconic features. His head is more or less...
  3. Max!!

    Supporting Vega Gendrake

    Name: Vega Orion Gendrake Age: 18 Birthday: February 14 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: College Grade: First year College Major: Communications Appearance Description: His human form sports blond hair and a lovely pair of red eyes. He tends to wear a rather smug grin...
  4. Max!!

    Primary Rigel Androsse

    Name: Rigel Androsse Age: 20 Birthday: August 27 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class:College Grade: second year College Major: Engineering Appearance Description: Rigel stands at 5'9” with long blond hair, and blue eyes. He has a lean figure and is definitely more robust than...
  5. Max!!

    Primary Alaric Drakenhardt

    Name: Alaric Drakenhardt Age: 16 Birthday: July 9 Gender: Male Species: Dragon/elf hybrid Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 11 College Major: N/A Appearance Description: Alaric has his father’s red hair, and his mother’s pointy ears. He also has horns, a set of large wings, and a long...
  6. Max!!

    Primary Frysta Ha'un

    Name: Frysta Ha’un Age: 17 Birthday: February 10 Gender: Male Species: Cold fire Dragon Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 12 College Major: NA Appearance Description: Frysta sports the standard blue hair of the Alpine ice dragons. He’s 5’9” with a runners build. He in terms of...
  7. Boop

    Primary S'loo Rukt'in

    Name: S'loo Rukt'in Age: 15 Birthday: November 11th Gender: AMAB Female Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: High School Grade: Grade 9 Appearance Description: Art (Adopted) by asmodile S'loo has a petite, boyish, mostly human build with some draconic features. At 5'3", she's short for...
  8. PixelatedGlory

    Primary Alexis Brouillard

    Name: Alexis Brouillard Age: 17 Birthday: January 7 Gender: Male Species: Dragon (Mistcaller Wyvern) Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 12th grade Appearance Description: Human form: Green-blue eyes Blonde hair kept to just below his ears Wears lots of leather, buckles...
  9. Max!!

    Primary Destra Barathos

    Name: Destra Barathos Age: 18 Birthday: June 23 Gender: male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: College College Major: Business management Appearance Description: Destra stands at 5'10” with white hair, dark skin, and red eyes. He sports a set of elongated canines, and his eyes will...
  10. Max!!

    Primary Orsick Drakenhardt

    Name: Orsick Drakenhardt Age: 14 Birthday: May 9 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: Middle School Grade: 9 College Major: n/a Appearance Description: He’s just hit the 5'6" mark and still growing. Sports the short red hair and green eyes. It’s no surprise that he’d be seen...
  11. Goblin

    Primary Ferret

    Name: Ferret Age: 14 Birthday: March 8th Gender: Female Species: Wind Dragon Category: Student Class: Remedial Appearance Description: Human: (All human art is official art of Nagatoro from Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san, edited by me) For the most part, in human form Ferret doesn't look...
  12. Saber

    Primary Eein Dresden

    Name: Eein Dresden Age: Seventeen Birthday: November First Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Students Class: High School Grade: Junior Employment: Part time bus boy/dishwasher at a hunting lodge/restaurant [/spoiler]
  13. Max!!

    Primary Alexander Drakenhardt

    Name: Alexander Gawain Dakenhardt Age: 422(appears to be in his 20's) Birthday: April 30 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Citizen Career: CEO of Infinitum Entertainment/Dragon King Appearance Description: As a human Alex is tall, standing at about 6'4". He has distinctive red hair...
  14. Max!!

    Supporting Silver Nivalle III

    ame: Silver Thetus Nivalle III Age: 615 Birthday: January 19 Gender: Male Category: Citizen Career: Security director for Infinitum Entertainment Appearance Description: As a human Silver stands at exactly 6'6" and has a muscular build. Some would consider him rather intimidating in spite...
  15. Max!!

    Primary Marric Drakenhardt

    Name: Marric Drakenhardt Age: 126 Birthday: April 12 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Citizen Career: Musician Appearance Description: He stands at 5'11” with the signature Drakenhardt red hair. Unlike his relatives though his eyes are red as opposed to the standard green. He's thin but...
  16. Lich King

    Primary Aros Xol'gran

    Art of Sephiroth by click_burgundy "Rage, Rage against the dying of the light" Name: Aros Xol'gran Age: 329 (Appears to be in his mid to late 20’s) Birthday: April 19 Gender: Male Species: Ice Dragon Category: Citizen Career: Private Security.
  17. PixelatedGlory

    Primary Quie Rukt'In

    Name: Quie Rukt'In Age: 130 (appears roughly 25) Birthday: January 10 Gender: Female Species: Ice Dragon Category: Citizen Work: Security for the Rukt'In Clan, Liaison to agents of the Veil and related government agencies Appearance Description: Quie has deep, dark blue eyes that look...
  18. Max!!

    Primary Straga Barathos

    Name: Straga Barathos Age: 1500 Birthday: August 12 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Career: Dragon for hire/arena fighter Appearance Description: He stands at 6'7" with a muscular build and an intimidating gaze. He sports grey hair and red eyes that glow faintly, and intensifies with his mood. But...
  19. Kait

    Primary Fweiu Rukt'In

    <style> .aimtitle { font-family:oswald; font-size:30pt; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; text-align:center; padding:10px; } #charpic { margin: 0 5%; width: 90%; } .aimheader { font-family:oswald; font-size:22pt; font-weight:bold...
  20. Max!!

    Primary Gwyn Drakenhardt

    Name: Gwyn Drakenhardt Age: 615 Birthday: November 11 Gender: Male Species: Nature Dragon Category: Citizen Career: Club owner Appearance Description: Gwyn has the standard red hair of his family and sky blue eyes that seem to shimmer unnaturally. He's thin but toned like one who works out...
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