species: demigod

  1. Max!!

    Primary Aurum Re-Thaniturge

    Name: Aurum Re-Thaniturge Age: 2(Chronologically) 16(physically) Birthday: May 14 Gender: Male Species: Demigod Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 9 College Major: N/A Appearance Description: Aurum has dark skin, and a messy mop of black hair. He’s 5’7” and still growing. His build is...
  2. Saber

    Primary Hakon Atreo

    Name: Hakon Atreo Age: Nineteen Birthday: October First Gender: Male Species: Asgardian/Olympian Hybrid Category: Student Class: Remedial Employment: Arena Fighter (secretly) [/spoiler]
  3. Big Jeffe

    Primary Sylvi Thorsblood

    Image made by Sayutb Name: Sylvi Thorsblood Age: 18 Birthday: October 23rd Gender: Female (She/her) Species: Demi-god (Valkyrie) Category: Student Class: High School Grade: Remedial Appearance Description: Stands at 6 feet tall with pale, flawless, skin. Has long blonde hair that she...
  4. Stefan

    Primary Stefan Jogstad

    Name: Stefan Jogstad Age: 22 Birthday: May 16th Gender: Male (he/him) Species: Demi-God Category: Citizen Career: Signed Artist at Wonderville Records *America from Hetalia. Artist: Mano-Manu Appearance Description: Standing 5'10" and weighing in at 195 pounds, the blonde haired Stefan...
  5. Lich King

    Primary Vatar Tor

    Name: Vatar Tor Real Name: Afzal Nabil Rashid Miraj Tor Age: Appears 19 actually 900~ years old Birthday: Doesn't Care Gender: Male Species: Demi-God College Degree: Criminal Justice Category: Citizen Career: MCPD Cadet Appearance Description: Eye color: Purple Skin color: Light Brown clothing...
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