species: alien

  1. Bloos

    Primary Ruby Marz

    Ruby Marz Adult, 100+ | In Earth Time, February 14th | Nonbinary He/They | Alien | Citizen | Escort For Wolfsbane Bordello APPEARANCE Height: 5'7" Physical appearance: Ruby is a bright red humanoid alien, with a somewhat androgynous body. He has a slightly more feminine waist and hips...
  2. Kada

    Supporting Cambrissa-9

    <!— Ignore this stuff! The top part is CSS for desktop, and the bottom part is CSS for phones. Think of CSS like the coat of paint that goes over the structure. —> <style>.aimtitle { font-family:oswald;font-size:30pt;font-weight:bold;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:center;padding:10px;}...
  3. Stefan

    Primary Alyx Assath

    Name: Alyx Assath Age: 25 Birthday: July 13th Gender: Male Species: Dassa (shape shifting alien) Category: Citizen Career: ASTRAL Pilot. Driver/Pilot for hire. Photo credit: Commission from Sayutb Appearance: Dassa are naturally a bipedal species very similar to humans. Major...
  4. GrimRPer

    Primary Yvarn Bywan

    Appearance Description: Height: Human: 2.41 meters (7'11"). Sytran: 2.87 (9'5") Weight: 82 kilograms (180.7 lbs) Physical Build: Slim Scales: Smooth, tinted Light Sea Green Hair: Light Sea Green. Aquamarina in Sytran form Eyes: Forest Green Oddity: He actually has hair on his head and going down...
  5. Lich King

    Primary Lukretia Lex Vexen

    Source: Yasha from Critical Role byAlgiz Art Name: Lukretia Sumafil Aledri Olmavi Lex Vexen commonly called Lucretia Age: 250 years old Birthday: 73rd Moon of the Pale Gender: Female Species: Inzi Category: Citizen. Career: Head of Security at the Blank Slate
  6. GrimRPer

    Primary Basté "Bastet" Rose Bywan

    Appearance Description: (Edited) Original Source: https://kiseki.fandom.com/wiki/Angelica_Rogner Height: 2.06 meters (6'9") Weight: 81 kilograms (178.5 lbs) Physical Build: Lean Hair: Orange Eyes: Light Sky Blue Tattoos: A winged snake wrapped around a bat with their wings spread and staring...
  7. Arcadia

    Primary Barry

    Name: Barry Age: 3 years old (Mental Age: 23) Birthday: April 2 Gender: Male Species: Turtle Category: Citizen Career: Turtle ambassador for the mighty turtle empire Appearance Description: Barry is almost identical to an adult musk turtle found on earth. He is four inches long with a...
  8. Bloos

    Primary Kalik Skyff

    Kalik Skyff Apparears to be in 30s | December 3rd | Male | Alien | Citizen | Business Owner: Club Empyria APPEARANCE Kalik is a short man that stands at 5’6”. He has long tendrils in place of hair. His skin is almost pure white with the faintest tint of blue. His body appears to be peppered...
  9. Max!!

    Primary Nero Altair

    Name: Nero Altair Age: 23 Birthday: April 11 Gender: Male Species: Alien(Nidhraxan) Category: Citizen Career: unemployed Appearance Description: He’s 5’10 with pointy ears, purple eyes, black hair and purple highlights. Nero tops it all off with a shit eating grin and an impressive row of razor...
  10. Zora

    Primary Azlin

    Name: Azlin Age: 19 Birthday: October 31 Gender: Female Species: Alien - Descender (Native of the prison planet CES-V-13) Category: Citizen Career: Unemployed Appearance Description: Character is Tiamat from GranBlue Fantasy. The artwork is official. Azlin's species resemble humans in many...
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