sabriel phyero

  1. ReD

    Private Finished Your secrets keep you safe, your lies keep you alive

    Lochlann was late for class. He thought about not even going but he needed to show up for the bare minimum if he wanted to pass this semester, which he did, so he made himself stumble out of bed to brush his teeth, grab his bag, and walk through the halls relatively undisturbed. He looked...
  2. birdie


    It was the weekend before the semester started and the blue house that was 54 Island Avenue thrummed with a bassline heartbeat. Inside the house was a boy who’d drank too much. He hadn’t wanted to come here tonight. He hadn’t meant to drink. The plan was to drop off his two friends who...
  3. Kyros

    if I could see your face once more, I could die a happy man I'm sure

    January was early. Even though Sabriel had said he would be late, he didn't care. He was too anxious, pacing around his apartment, looking at the broken watch on his wrist like it actually told time. Eventually he gave up, resigning to grab his coat and head to the location he'd told his...
  4. Kyros

    January & Sabriel

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  5. birdie

    between the shadow and the soul

    From where he stood, Sabriel could see everything: the tree, the large crowd of people surrounding it, the skating rink adjacent to it. Behind him sat the snowball fight field, and he could hear the screaming laughter that accompanied that kind of freezing joy. He'd taken pictures instead of...
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