remiel (mint)

  1. Mint

    Private Finished Unstable Compound

    With how life was going, Remiel actually somewhat enjoyed class. Apart from being stuck in a room with multiple demons, it was pretty good. It allowed him to continue learning and gave him somewhere to succeed and impress. Just as he did on any other day, he headed to his science class and sat...
  2. Mint

    Private Finished Approachable

    For somebody who was supposed to be a savior to everybody, Remiel sure did spend a lot of days eating alone in the cafeteria. He wasn't about to approach somebody else, because he was an angel and it really and truly shouldn't have mattered at all. But just like a lot of things, the matter did...
  3. Mint

    Private Finished Far From Home

    It was after school, kind of getting close to dinner time but not quite there. Rem managed to stay strong throughout the day, but a couple run ins had left him feeling rather homesick once again. So, once school was finished, he decided to do something to cheer himself up. He'd stopped at his...
  4. Mint

    Private Finished Graceful

    It was evening, just after sunset, that a very frustrated Rem landed by the beach. Usually he put effort into landing gracefully, but he was too ticked off for that at the moment. He started pacing back and forth, huffing and mumbling to himself while his hand occasionally gripped his forehead...
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