olwen (applespice)

  1. AppleSpice

    Private Garlands and Sunburns

    Olwen had spent the morning pulling a few boxes out of her closet. In late November there was a good chill in the air, but it was hardly wintery yet. Even still, it was never too early to start decorating for Yule, which was undoubtedly one of Olwen’s favourite holidays. This year was a little...
  2. Saber

    Private Finished Parties and Meetings

    Shiro liked parties, the music and dancing, she was drawn to it all. Sure she'd calmed some since coming to the island, but she still occasionally found herself in one. Like tonight, she'd wander in, taking in the atmosphere, her body already moving to the music. Her tail would sway behind as...
  3. Roach

    Good Day, Sunshine

    Nikola stretched his arms above his head, kicked a leg up on top of the other, and let out a big yawn as his eyes closed and his sight of the sky above grew dimmer and dimmer. The grass felt good beneath him as he lay. He could be here for days on end...if his classes and his job permitted...
  4. AppleSpice

    Apple Orchard Logbook | [OLD]

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  5. AppleSpice

    Private Finished An Interesting Thought

    The clock ticked softly, keeping time with the refresher discussion proceeding in class. Olwen found her attention drifting further and further away with each minute that ticked by. Even if you didn't plan on taking notes, such discussions were always good to listen in on. There was always a...
  6. AppleSpice

    Apple Spice Orchard | [OLD]

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