my powers suck support group

  1. ReD

    Your moral compass is broken and only points to south

    Cabel Sokol came to the My Powers Support Group Meeting not necessarily because he thought his powers sucked. He actually kind of liked them. It was just that he sometimes felt that being human sucked. Cabel was early to the meeting. He was perusing the table of snacks that the class...
  2. ReD

    My Powers Suck Support Group

    My Powers Suck Support Group Forum Location: Empty Classrooms Tag: My Powers Suck Support Group Group Text Message: My Powers Suck Support Group Message Age Range: All Ages Do your powers suck? Are you tired of having to greet the day with optimism when you accidentally shoot fireballs...
  3. ReD

    My Powers Suck Group Message

    This is a group message for members of the My Powers Suck Support Group. While the group is anonymous, for player comprehension please provide an indication either before/after your post with what character is responding to the message. <link...
  4. ReD

    Interest Check: My Powers Suck Support Group?

    While this would probably have a more school-appropriate name, I was thinking that starting a "my powers suck support group" is exactly the sort of thing that Ven aka Moon Moon would do. I wanted to do an interest check before going ahead and making the thread. Would anyone be up for this...
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