1. Romi

    Reminisce by the Roses

    Frederick hadn't been many places. He didn't have free reign, and he couldn't say he was at liberty. But he had some amount of freedom, and he opted to get to Morning Glory a few minutes early. He bought himself coffee, considered the food options, and then decided it was proabbly better to...
  2. Saber

    Private Finished The Shadow of Manipulation

    It had been three weeks since his breakdown. He'd survived and was mostly back to normal, or on the surface anyways. Inside he was still confused and maybe a bit unstable. Either way, life continued, and today he found himself walking the halls. The Shadow had been unusually quiet as of late...
  3. Kathinja

    Picture Perfect Nightmare

    The lake was so beautiful at night, with a full moon creating an ethereal glow along the water, and with winter there was an equally gorgeous glow on the ice. Yamato had been wanting to photograph it for a long time, and now that he had a grasp on nighttime photography, he was finally ready...
  4. Poppy

    hook, line and sinker

    warning for rape and references to child molestation People liked to talk about how bums were the dregs of humanity. Those people weren't being creative enough. If there was anything Vincenzo loved more than anything, it was games, and he loved playing games with dirty, disgusting people, in...
  5. Tom Marvolo Riddle

    a night on the town

    @"Poptart" Valentine only texted Jack by the time she was just arriving to some unassuming nightclub. It wasn't particularly special, but it was dark, had a crowd, and for the most part the people there didn't take too much notice of Val or what she was doing. She could get away with a lot...
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