major: social science

  1. Batty

    Primary Alani Petropoulos

    Name;; Alani “Lani” Petropoulos Age;; 22 Birthday;; November 5th Gender;; Female, she/her Species;; Gorgon/Eyelash Viper Hybrid Orientation;; Lesbian Category;; Student Class;; College - Graduate School Grade;; Graduate School First Year College Major;; Political Science with a minor in...
  2. Max!!

    Supporting Vega Gendrake

    Name: Vega Orion Gendrake Age: 18 Birthday: February 14 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: College Grade: First year College Major: Communications Appearance Description: His human form sports blond hair and a lovely pair of red eyes. He tends to wear a rather smug grin...
  3. Zora

    Primary Liliana

    Name: Liliana Age: 18 Birthday: April 6 Gender: she/her Species: psychopomp Category: student Class: College Grade: 1st year Appearance Description: - Medium height - On the thin side, but not too thin either - Long red hair - blue eyes - Dresses casually jeans, t-shirt, short dresses...
  4. Max!!

    Primary Eon Cheshire

    Name: Eon Cheshire Age: 21 Birthday: May 27 Gender: male Species: Cat entity??? Category: Student Class: College Grade: Fourth Year College Major: Business(major)/ Magic Theory(minor) Appearance Description: Eon is either in his human or cat form though he can be seen shifting to in between...
  5. Max!!

    Primary Destra Barathos

    Name: Destra Barathos Age: 18 Birthday: June 23 Gender: male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: College College Major: Business management Appearance Description: Destra stands at 5'10” with white hair, dark skin, and red eyes. He sports a set of elongated canines, and his eyes will...
  6. Kait

    Primary Chloe Black

    <!-- CSS START --> <style> .aimtitle { font-family:oswald; font-size:30pt; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; text-align:center; padding:10px; } #charpic { margin: 0 5%; width: 90%; } .aimheader { font-family:oswald; font-size:22pt...
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