li jia an

  1. Su.

    Private Finished we be calling fam

    Taking hold of the ancient book in her hands, Raella gently flipped through its yellowed pages, skimming through the different things she could summon. Outside the window, the sun barely touched the edge of the horizon, giving rise to a resplendent sunset. Sublime rays filtered into the dorm...
  2. Lee

    Physics (High School): Tinfoil Boats

    Physics class, bright and early in the — well. Not morning, but twelve noon was close enough. Jia An was a woman not usually given to the wee hours before larks were singing their dawn songs, but she'd been prepping this lesson ever since she'd arrived at Starlight. She wanted to look cool...
  3. Su.

    Open Finished oH mY gOSh iTS THE LI JIA AN!!

    Picking up the phone, she scanned through the list of teachers and their respective staff room numbers in disbelief. Li Jia An was a teacher in this school? The Li Jia An? Of all people, never in her wildest dreams would Raella expect to be reunited with Dr. Li, also known as Songbird. From...
  4. Zora

    Staff Room Meet Up

    As she sat in the now quiet staff room, Celeste Forestier, the Home Economics teacher, looked over her rather busy and hectic schedule for the coming month of December. She scanned it twice to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. She knew the schedule was still pending, changes could...
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