lavender "peony" pansley

  1. TheYummyPie

    Private Hello, Stranger!

    Lavender was sitting in front of -not really in front of, she's pretty away from it- the fireplace, watching the fire dance. She had nothing to do. She was bored. What Lavender will do while there's nothing? @Mint
  2. Su.

    Private Finished Wandering wandering

    Raella was bored. There's simply no doubt about it. After the longest slumber she's had in virtually her entire life, she sat atop her bed facing the dull wall before her, idly tapping her foot against the ground as her tail drew lazy circles in the air behind her. With a sharp exhale and a...
  3. TheYummyPie

    Open Finished A Piece of Pumpkin Pie

    It was lunch. Lavender wasn't hungry today; she got a slice of pumpkin pie, and ate a small piece, that's it. She was focused into her book, "A Beginner's Introduction to Growing Fruits and Vegetables". Pumpkin pie was Lavender's favorite dessert. In fact, if she could grow pumpkins and know how...
  4. Zora

    Private Finished Bloom Where You Are Planted

    "Let's see... where is it?" Celeste mused to herself as she slowly moved down the aisle looking for a book on plants native to Manta Carlos and where they could be found. She had taken it out a few weeks ago, and needed it again to make sure that partridgeberries and Mayapples could be found on...
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