iggy hughes

  1. Kait

    Private The Date Night ClusterText

    What follows is a series of text messages between Alma (@Kada ), Iggy ( @Max!! ), Angelo ( @Romi ), and my characters Chloe and Violet. Written by, and posted with the consent of the players involved. These text conversations happened shortly after this private ICC session. Group text with...
  2. Romi

    Of Portals and Powers

    Jude had picked up a lot of weird powers. Some of them were his own. Some of them were the gifts from Regalia he'd bonded with. Some were easy to work out. He'd mastered summoning his guns inside a day or two. He'd figured out memory tampering. Some of his other stuff? Less so. He still hadn't...
  3. Max!!

    Taking care of a thing

    Iggy sat waiting sort of nervously for Jude to show up and swap regalia with him. Wolf wasn't exactly warming up to him in any significant way, and he'd given it plenty of time. The guy kind of reminded him of his parents which was gross to him on a multitude of levels. Jude seemed to have one...
  4. Max!!

    We Happy Two

    The Hereafter Club meeting had just wrapped up. Iggy was cleaning up as he often did after their meetings. Between the crap with Alma and her brother, and the death of his parents, the club had kind of become a comfortable place for him. It was a rough start to the year, but things seemed to be...
  5. Max!!

    No Rest for Weary Souls

    Of course this weekend was going too well to end on a high note. That said, Iggy didn't expect the low note to be this. He'd parted ways with his partners, and headed to his home. He wasn't really fond of the place, considering how noticeably distant his parents were to him. There was a faint...
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