holy water prank

  1. Wuffy

    Blood On Your Face

    Cornered and pinned. That’s what Xavier would describe how he felt sometimes. But in this case, he was literally cornered and pinned. He was held against a wall in an alley, along a drecently busy street. Xavier didn’t know how no one could see what was happening, or if maybe they had just...
  2. Kait

    The First DSU Meeting After the Holy Water Incident

    Chloe forced herself to walk to the DSU meeting, and she left her human shape charm in her purse. She felt exposed, wary the entire time, even with Ozerchabal following her around. But still, she was seen out in the open. She wasn't hiding. She didn't look afraid, even if she felt it. It would...
  3. Wuffy

    Fancy Meeting You Here

    Xavier jogged along a path in the park, a little bit ahead of him a golden retriever also ran along. Must have been only a few days since Xavier got back from almost dying, and then discharged from the hospital, before he set out. This had been his first time volunteering at a dog shelter that...
  4. Romi

    Bad News can be Weird News

    You sitting down somewhere? It's that kind of news.
  5. Romi

    Who has done evil

    To give a long thread a short summary: Gabe was very mad. He yelled at Angelo before realizing he'd been crying, and the two had a heart to heart. Gabe told Angelo about his own past with his loans, and Angelo told him more or less everything. About his dad, about his secrets. About how he'd...
  6. Romi

    Tale from the Other Side

    Jude did not have all the facts. In fact, he had very few of the facts. The story he'd been told was partial and incomplete, but it had given him at least one small fact to go digging into. Whatever had happened, Xarrah was there. He knew her well enough, although he wouldn't have considered...
  7. Wuffy

    Private Finished Three Days Later

    Xavier was awake, although groggily. His eyes remained closed and he could feel that he was laying on his back. What time was it? He couldn't care, he felt tired and wanted to sleep. So, he did something out of pure instinct. He rolled onto his stomach and attempted to pull a blanket more over...
  8. Zora

    Student Council Meeting Attack vs Prank

    Flipping on the lights to the classroom the student council used for its meeting, Liliana, with a large box in hand, waited patiently as all the fluorescents lit themselves up, one by one, to illuminate the unused classroom. Then she moved around the room to a desk in the middle of the room and...
  9. Romi


    Jude sat in the hospital waiting room and wondered why, exactly, all of it was happening. What chain of events had lead to this? Had it started with Xavier's stupid prank? Or was it even earlier then that? The details were scant. Xavier and Dani had been at the beach. Dani had started to drown...
  10. Romi

    Speak For Yourself

    Phone Conversation on Thursday afternoon Xavier?
  11. Kait


    Chloe's run-in with Xavier had shaken her. She was taking extreme measures again, which tended to make people think she was paranoid. Chloe preferred to see it as managing risk. For example, she didn't want to be exposed walking between classes. If she had an enemy trying to kill her or see her...
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