grade: year 4

  1. foggydoggy

    Primary Palinus "Linus" "Pool Cue" Perissima

    Name: Palinus Perissima. Goes by Linus, or Pool Cue Age: 23 Birthday: August 11 Gender: Male Species: Human / were-giraffe Category: Student, lives in the dorms Class: College Grade: 4th year College Major: Botany Career: Gardening and other odd jobs, on days off. Appearance Description: In...
  2. foggydoggy

    Primary Adelaida D. Turley

    Name: Adelaida D. Turley Age: 25 Birthday: September 21 Gender: Female Species: Human Category: Student Class: Collegiate Grade: 4th year College Major: Psychology Career: Quit burger joint to found ArcanExpress. Appearance Description: Adelaida is a 5'9 tall woman with messy black hair and...
  3. Max!!

    Primary Eon Cheshire

    Name: Eon Cheshire Age: 21 Birthday: May 27 Gender: male Species: Cat entity??? Category: Student Class: College Grade: Fourth Year College Major: Business(major)/ Magic Theory(minor) Appearance Description: Eon is either in his human or cat form though he can be seen shifting to in between...
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