grade: year 1

  1. Soph

    Primary Padorinzunat Poen'Xin Ulth-Quellsyldat NyakNyakar

    Source: Name: Padorinzunat Poen'Xin Ulth-Quellsyldat NyakNyakar (Or Padori, for short) Age: 19 Birthday: December 15th Gender: Identifies...
  2. Lotharingia

    Primary Sareth Oranahr

    Sareth Alvath Oranahr Sareth's default form is humanoid in shape, standing around 5'9 with a lanky, androgynous build. They have shaggy messy hair that's amber in front and black at the back, long enough to reach behind their neck. Their skin is unnaturally pale and white, their eyes have...
  3. Zora

    Primary Rosalyn Blake

    Name: Rosalyn Blake Age: 23 Birthday: April 2 Gender: female Species: Human Category: Part time student Class: College Grade: 1st year College Major: Lycanthropy Appearance Description: Rosalyn is 5'6. She has long brown hair that she often wears braided and dark brown eyes with a lightly...
  4. Kaya

    Supporting Tesa Agapi

    Name: Tesa Agapi Age: 42 (Looks and is equivalent to 19 years old) Birthday: April 2 Gender: Female (Gets confused about gender pronouns) Species: 3/4 Demigod Class: College Grade: 1st Year College Student College Major: Law Major (Psychology Minor) Appearance Description: Long Brunette hair...
  5. Lich King

    Primary Isabella Lupine-Plumwood

    Art Of Laura by hungry_clicker Name: Isabella Lupine-Plumwood Age: 19 Birthday: May/15/1988 Gender: Female Species: Hadrian Witch Category: Student (Past DC Student) Class: College, 1st Year College Major: Magical Arts, Alchemical Chemistry.
  6. Max!!

    Supporting Vega Gendrake

    Name: Vega Orion Gendrake Age: 18 Birthday: February 14 Gender: Male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: College Grade: First year College Major: Communications Appearance Description: His human form sports blond hair and a lovely pair of red eyes. He tends to wear a rather smug grin...
  7. PixelatedGlory

    Primary Violeta Escamilla

    Name: Violeta Escamilla Age: Appears 17, (chronologically 21 if she was still alive) Birthday: April 7 Gender: Female Species: Vampire Category: Student Class: College/1st yr Major: undecided Appearance Description: Pic source: official art of Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire Violeta...
  8. Lotharingia

    Primary Evie Everson

    Evie Everson Evie is short, almost scrawny looking, with a youthful face and a slim figure. Under her clothes, her body is toned and fit, built like a gymnast. She has wide, grey eyes and bleached white hair that she keeps just short enough to reach the back of her neck. She tends to...
  9. Max!!

    Primary Theo Hudson

    Name: Theodore Laurence Hudson Age: 19 Birthday: November 9 Gender: Male Species: Angel Category: Student Class: College Grade: freshman College Major: undeclared Appearance Description: Theo sports a somewhat angelic appearance, with his white hair and pale skin. Outside of that he has eyes of...
  10. Zora

    Primary Liliana

    Name: Liliana Age: 18 Birthday: April 6 Gender: she/her Species: psychopomp Category: student Class: College Grade: 1st year Appearance Description: - Medium height - On the thin side, but not too thin either - Long red hair - blue eyes - Dresses casually jeans, t-shirt, short dresses...
  11. Kada

    Primary Caissa Drago

    <!-- Ignore this stuff! The top part is CSS for desktop, and the bottom part is CSS for phones. Think of CSS like the coat of paint that goes over the structure. --> <style>.aimtitle { font-family:oswald;font-size:30pt;font-weight:bold;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:center;padding:10px;}...
  12. Max!!

    Primary Destra Barathos

    Name: Destra Barathos Age: 18 Birthday: June 23 Gender: male Species: Dragon Category: Student Class: College College Major: Business management Appearance Description: Destra stands at 5'10” with white hair, dark skin, and red eyes. He sports a set of elongated canines, and his eyes will...
  13. PixelatedGlory

    Primary Aura Fynn

    Name: Aura Fynn Age: 19 Birthday: October 18 Gender: Gender-fluid, Identifies mainly as Female Species: Werewolf/Eldritch hybrid Category: Student Class: college Grade: 1st year Major: undecided Job: Waitress at Club Orpheus Appearance Description: Aura is a thin, shorter girl about 5'3"...
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