ethan alexander

  1. Steven

    Private A Bloody Business

    The days following Ethan's meeting with Caissa, or 'Mel' as she had called herself at first, had been filled with Ethan spending his time thinking about how best to go about the women's request. The fact she was trying to use others into doing so, made him wary and as fitting of his character...
  2. Steven

    Steven's Society

    Welcome to the Steven's Society. My list of currently active characters. I pretty much open to any thread people might think of. I really want to get back into the whole RP scene and it glad to be back to do so. I can never think what else to add here, sooooo hope to hear from peeps sometimes :)...
  3. Steven

    The Players and the Played.

    Ethan loitered behind the bar on the clubs mezzanine floor. Cigar in his mouth puffing away, while he looked over the selection of drinks available to him. Trying to decide what his craving felt like today. Finally settling on tequila, he poured a glass. “Good afternoon sir.” A voice came from...
  4. Steven

    Managing Risks and Security

    'The Black Lotus' Casino and bar. Not exactly the largest establishment in the world, however it made it profits instead of by size but a smaller more dedicated customer base, that were quite happy to pour their money away. Just how much was the patrons own addictions to the vices his...
  5. Steven

    The Black Lotus - Bar and Casino

    The Black Lotus Owner: Ethan Alexander (Ethis Xarti) Type of Business: Casino and Bar Location: The Strip Opening Times: Monday to Friday - 12PM to 4AM, Saturday - 12PM to 6AM, Sunday - Closed Description The Black Lotus is a reasonable sized establishment, converted from to older...
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