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  1. Sarrain

    Private Finished Funny Seeing You Here

    It was still surreal to Shay to be at the hospital for something other than chronic illness. Her entire life she'd been one of those sick kids. The kind that was so sick, people worried when you were going to double over. It wasn't just a matter of pain, back in the winter months Shay was prone...
  2. Sarrain

    LF People In Need

    So, my character Adrastia is, by nature, a helper. Pretty much anyone in a bad situation is someone she's willing to do something about. It's her life mission to make sure people feel strong and in control of their own lives. She won't help people who aren't willing to help themselves and are...
  3. Sarrain

    Farewell Friend, May Your Journey Be Short and Eventful

    Shay had asked Mal down to some cafe place where she got them both a coffee. They weren't going to talk down there. Shay had the urge to stretch her legs. By the time she'd gotten her coffee, she realized she shouldn't even be having it and poured her cup out, keeping it just for looks. "Hey...
  4. Sarrain

    How To Save a Life

    Shay was again hanging out at Angelo's manor. This time she didn't bother with making food. Instead, she reclined on the couch with her shoes off and her socks on. She read a magazine without really reading it. In the pocket of her jeans, something sat heavy. Shay sighed. @Romi
  5. Sarrain

    Private Finished Legends Never Die

    Shay was excited the entire way to Ireland. She couldn't nap on their way there, besides she was feeling amazing. Suspiciously amazing. Shay counted her lucky stars that her body decided to cooperate with her for once and let her have a nice honeymoon. Shay didn't even attempt not to hang on...
  6. Sarrain

    Eroshay Sickness Upgrade

    So Shay's powers are changing a little (or a lot — whatever) because of Angelo and THIS thread. Removals and additions are as such: (This one I just forgot to take out when her visions got more under control.) Replacing this with: Delicious: While Shay's magic has evened itself out and is...
  7. Sarrain

    Private Finished The End of The Beginning

    Taking place April 20th Shay had meticulously set up her and Fitz's wedding day. Even with all the struggles, the way they'd had to move things back, jail, the murder. Even when Shay had wondered if things would work out if one of them would walk away. Neither ever did. And now they were...
  8. Sarrain

    All We See is Sky

    Taking place March Break Eroshay was waiting for Roa when he got out of school. She knew that sometimes Angelo picked him up, but most of the time Roa walked home. Classes were out this time of year, so there weren't as many students milling about. She'd asked Angelo and Roa would be here...
  9. Sarrain


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  10. Sarrain

    Freeze Your Brain

    Taking place March 5th Shay shakily took the phone and dialed Valli's number. It was fine to call him in emergencies, wasn't it? Was this the right number? She hovered over the call button before hitting it and pulling the phone to her ear, trying to control her breathing. @Romi
  11. Sarrain

    Private Finished Hi, I Love Y O U

    Taking place February 27th Shay got home later afternoon via a squad car. An ankle bracelet was strapped on, and she was instructed all the usual about how it wouldn't shock her or malfunction if it got wet and messing with it would alert the police. She'd be given leeway out of her apartment...
  12. Sarrain

    Bird Song

    Well, I didn't tell anyone, but a bird flew by Saw what I'd done, he set up a nest outside And he sang about what I'd become Taking place on Feb, 20th. Patients. That's what they called the prisoners here. Patients, because they were being reformed. Patients, because they have issues, they...
  13. Romi

    Don't do this to me

    Angelo wasn't a stranger to the Islets. He'd patrolled there in his earlier years, before he'd been transferred downtown, but he'd never been really stationed near Juvie island. They had their own security, and while the police checked in for any incidents, they didn't patrol it. It was a...
  14. Sarrain

    Private Finished Angelo "Mage Killer" Genovese

    Shay needed some time away. Or maybe time near Angelo. She didn't know. When she first arrived at the house, he was still at work, so she waited there. First, she watched some tv, then to keep her mind off things she went to the kitchen to start cooking dinner for him. Spaghetti, she knew how...
  15. Sarrain

    Private Finished Maybe, Someday, They'll Sing Our Praises

    CW: Gore/murder below Shay hadn't worn her male glamour in a very long time, which made it perfect for what she had planned. She didn't feel like a boy, even when she wore it, but right after Nick, it had been nice not being in a girl's body all the time. Now, she used it as a way to spy on...
  16. Sarrain

    Pallas Romi Small Shay-grade

    Yes. I punned. Kill me. Anyway, I wanted to add a small bit to Shay's death whispering power. Added part will be bolded:
  17. WorldDevourer

    Private Finished Don't fear the reaper

    Charlie walked over, and set down the two items he had been carrying onto the coffee table next to a pair of mugs, before sitting down on the sofa. One was a pot of tea for himself, a fantastic ginseng, the other was a cafetière for his unexpected guest who sat across from him. Shay Rosales...
  18. Romi

    Private Finished Dire Warnings

    Angelo was not under any illusions that his warning was going to fall on deaf ears. He really didn't think Shay would take it well, but even so he'd persisted. He'd waited until she was coming over anyway--so it seemed less like he'd lured her out just to beat her over the head with unsolicited...
  19. Sarrain

    Power's Apartment

    Shay and Fitz's new apartment is located downtown, not too far from the underground. They have one of the higher up apartments, sitting on the fourth floor. The building isn't anything fancy, but it gets the job done. Due to their proximity to the underground, the owner is willing to take rent...
  20. Sarrain

    Masquerade Dance-Off

    Shay: I'm dating this man.... Shay: He's having a dance off with a teenager. (Giggles.) Shay: (More laughter) Shay: Shit! I've been found out.
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