diego alvaro

  1. EmiRose

    Way Up Here It's Crystal Clear(Not Really)

    Diego had a feeling, that if he spent too much time with Eric he would eventually get arrhythmia or an ulcer or a stroke or some other thing you could get from being too stressed, blushing too much or having your heart beat way too fast. It didn't feel healthy to spend time with a guy that was a...
  2. Robin

    Fashionably Late

    Matilda was reminded of several other famous works of literature involving a kid going to a magical school. This particular school felt more Westbridge than Hogwarts. Just walking to her dorm room, she’d passed nervously by several demons, accidentally walked through a ghost, and caught an...
  3. EmiRose

    Private Finished Art In The Shadows

    This was stupid. This was the most stupid thing Diego had ever done. Why was he doing this again? Why wasn't he in a very secluded art shop in a shady area? Or maybe even stealing some other kid's art stuff? Because he had no money and was trying not to be an asshole. Duh. Diego sighed, as he...
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