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  1. Kait

    Private The Date Night ClusterText

    What follows is a series of text messages between Alma (@Kada ), Iggy ( @Max!! ), Angelo ( @Romi ), and my characters Chloe and Violet. Written by, and posted with the consent of the players involved. These text conversations happened shortly after this private ICC session. Group text with...
  2. Kait

    Private Finished A Tale of Two Chloes

    If Violet was being honest, she was a little terrified. Of course, she wasn't too scared of anything happening at this meeting in particular. Chloe wouldn't be so stupid as to try something at Grovefire itself. That would be social suicide, destroying everything that she had been building up...
  3. Kait

    Primary Chloe Black

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  4. Kada

    All Eyes on Me

    Ana had had enough of waiting. She was degrading faster than she thought and it wouldn't be long before she keeled over and all of this was over. It wasn't revenge she wanted, not really. Dying and leaving Dalia to suffer wasn't the plan. Sure, it would be a nice consolation prize if she...
  5. Kait

    Chloe Black ability patch december 2018

    Chloe's ability set is a nightmare to read and and keep straight and mostly I'm trying to address that. But I'm also buffing a few things. Overall I almost cut the ability sections' length in half. :vibrates:
  6. Kada

    Don't mind us, we're just spilling our guts

    It was late. Late and Dalia still couldn't sleep. She'd eventually started coming home, but just to sleep. Not even eat. She didn't want to even look at Phaedra, let alone possibly speak to her. But now the knot in her stomach made her so queasy that she couldn't even do the one thing she came...
  7. Kait

    The First DSU Meeting After the Holy Water Incident

    Chloe forced herself to walk to the DSU meeting, and she left her human shape charm in her purse. She felt exposed, wary the entire time, even with Ozerchabal following her around. But still, she was seen out in the open. She wasn't hiding. She didn't look afraid, even if she felt it. It would...
  8. Nicole

    The Return

    Phaedra stood in the elevator as it ascended to Malara's penthouse. It seemed like a lifetime since she had been here. So many memories flooded back to her as she watched the numbered floors ding and pass by. Memories of her early life. Her sisters, her family. Malara, Chloe, her mother. Izziel...
  9. Kait

    Event Private A Proper Burial

    It was the night of the bonfire, a little over an hour before midnight. In her hands, she held three smooth river stones, taken from November's chest. Jude said that burying one would let you speak to someone dead, someone who had been close, who you lacked closure with. And the people Chloe...
  10. Kait

    Private Finished The Underground Bar Scene

    Chloe was too scared to walk around in public these days, but she still wanted to go out and do things. So she had started wearing a human shape charm, putting on a disguise, and calling herself Zoey. She didn't plan on getting asked out or propositioned while she was in disguise, because she...
  11. Romi

    Bad News can be Weird News

    You sitting down somewhere? It's that kind of news.
  12. Kait

    Surprise Foster-Care

    Chloe had double-checked, and everything was in its proper place. Not just in here, but out in government offices too. She had appointments set up to get Izziel registered with the city and with the school, she had paperwork together saying she would take some degree of responsibility for him...
  13. Kait


    Chloe's run-in with Xavier had shaken her. She was taking extreme measures again, which tended to make people think she was paranoid. Chloe preferred to see it as managing risk. For example, she didn't want to be exposed walking between classes. If she had an enemy trying to kill her or see her...
  14. Romi

    Make a Choice

    Jude had not expected to get advice from Wolfgang of all people. But he had. He'd sat Jude down, talked it out, and then told him he should be talking to someone else. It hadn't been hard to figure out who might be good, and he'd sent a text to Chloe later that night, hoping to meet up with her...
  15. Kait

    Protecting Your Mind From Demonic Influence 101

    It was time for Amber's demonology lesson. Usually, they didn't actually do any summoning - and given the risks involved in summoning, Chloe would think herself a horrible parent if she did. Normally she just taught Amber about the demonic hierarchies, who was who, and how things worked down...
  16. Bloos

    Private Finished Don't try this at home

    Ghum had prepared for this moment for a long time. Well when he realized it was actually possible for him to get rid of the annoying hold his father had over him. He could finally be rid of Dionte's body and stop living his life because honestly? Ghum could not deal with Dionte's shitty back...
  17. Kait

    Private Finished A Visitor from Home

    It wasn't Chloe's first time visiting somebody in jail, so she knew the drill. She had to book time well in advance. She had to leave almost everything of hers in a locker near the entrance. She had to wear a power nullifying bracelet so she couldn't use superpowers to break anyone out. Chloe...
  18. Kait

    Watergun Exorcisms

    Chloe came to the park with eight gallons of concentrated holy water, four water guns, and a sour look on her face. On an emotional level, she was already done with this, and she hadn't even started trying to fix it yet. Four hours ago, Chloe's friend Blaine had a bright idea: he would invite...
  19. Kait

    You Agreed To This. Technically.

    The first school week of Malara's absence went reasonably well. Nobody liked that she was gone, of course, but Chloe understood why she had to be gone. Jafar was still missing, and too many lives hung in the balance for Malara not to get personally involved. Chloe was even proud of her. She had...
  20. Keen

    Private Finished Demonic Summoning for Babies

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