1. EmiRose

    Private Finished Not Exactly As It Seems

    It wasn't the first time this group of bullies was harassing Charlie. They were few years older, probably on the 12th grade, and Charlie supposed her timidness was why they decided to make her and few other shy kids from her grade a target. Since it was common for people to show their dominance...
  2. Lucidity

    When the Weak Are Beat Down

    Purple droplets slid down marble skin and stained the once pure white snow. Pain; it was all Aimouryllice a'Phoche could feel in that split moment of peace and quiet. Pain and misery. Then, she tried to move, to stand up, and the silence broke. She got part way, managed to reach her knees before...
  3. Boop

    Not While I'm Around

    The first day at her new school had been a surprisingly pleasant one for Theodora, she had only gotten into one fight and it was almost time for her last class. Most of the people here seemed to either have a lot of willpower, not be affected by her, not get close enough to her to want to see...
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