blade (bijou)

  1. Kyros


    Don't mess this up, she told herself. "Make no mistake," her mothers voice told her, so clearly it was as if Blade could actually hear her. ———— Blade cut him down with her katana. The mask on her face was pristine — she hadn't spilled a single drop of blood. The girl who had been...
  2. Kyros

    Private Finished Recipe for disaster

    Blade and Finch had arranged to meet in his classroom after classes were over. Blade made it to his classroom as soon as she could, with her own school day having just finished. "Hey, Finch," she said as she stepped into the classroom. She turned and shut the door behind her. Nobody could hear...
  3. Romi

    Long Awaited

    Jude didn't wake Blade. She was clearly tired, and he wanted her to get some sleep. He'd try and convince everyone to let her get into bed in a timely manner, but realistically speaking? That wasn't going to happen. Everyone was going to want to see her. Everyone was going to want to ask how...
  4. Kyros


    The world that Blade had slipped into had been hell, but it was a hell of her own doing. Directionless and lost, having never done anything in her life but follow the will of others, Blade finally was making her own choices and they were... Not good. But she was escaping that now. At the...
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