arach (hyper)

  1. Hyper

    Cadenza's Apartment

    ❈ Cadenza Tarantella's Apartment ❈ _________________________________________________ Cadenza lives in a rooftop apartment down in the residential area. It's spacious enough for a single-room apartment, and even quite cozy for its resident. The trek through the stairs going up past five floors...
  2. Hyper

    Sweet Little Tricks

    A mystery number has been messaging Cyril's mobile over the course of a few days. No actual number appears, except for a name in caps that say "SKITTERS". No efforts of tracing the number would reveal a source, and even worse, it almost seemed like it doesn't exist. Calling the contact would...
  3. Kait

    Private Finished Ultimatum

    They were in a basement level hallway. Since it was so late, only half of the hallway's fluorescent lights were on - they were saving electricity. Chloe thought it was kind of funny that, even on a magic island, the school would go to the effort to keep the electricity bill down. It was dark...
  4. Kait

    Paying for Power with Ink and Blood

    Chloe wasn't descending into hell to gain power today, but a part of her wished that she was. At least she knew what sort of pain to expect if she went to hell, and she imagined that it would take a lot less time. She walked into the tattoo parlor with Arach by her side and a book under her...
  5. Kait

    A Cure for Boredom

    Chloe had draped herself over the back of a couch, feet in the air, staring at the ceiling. Arach was still with her, having just finished giving her little presentation on the other Goetic dukes her father competed with. And Chloe was bored. With Chloe's weekend lesson in the Goetia over...
  6. Poppy

    teach your kids to embrace the dark (gomorrah)

    Gomorrah during the day was an odd sight. The night and the gobos overhead made everything sharper and more sinister. Without the music and the special effects, Gomorrah looked downright normal, its sharp, hellish colors dulled by sunshine and its fuzzy shadows. Aside from security, only the...
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