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  1. PixelatedGlory

    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Oh Tadashi sure did know the annoying insect in question. Aedes was absolutely horrible to people every time Tadashi had encountered her. "Shiiiro, why do you have to have crushes on all the people who want to hurt you?... oh. I guess that runs in the family sort of." But the sadness drawn out...
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    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Tadashi laughed a little at the mention of a dark world as he poked at some of Shiro's black hair. At least he thought it was black anyway. Then he bumped his side into her as she teased him more. "Well I wouldn't call you that but...," he smiled and shook his head. "No, you're a lot of trouble...
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    Things will be fine

    Ebbie laughed. It was not just the throaty laugh of a human, not really. It was more magical than that. Subtly different enough that many people might not be able out pick it out but those who knew spriggans like Ebbie would know it. True fae laughter. And she kissed him again as he relaxed...
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    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Tadashi's face dropped into deep disgust as his sister mentioned... yeah. "Eww gross, Shiro, I can't believe you said that." He recoiled and mimed throwing up as he made the mustache wiggle around and bother Shiro until it broke apart and disappeared. It took a minute before he stopped and...
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    Isabella Lupine-Plumwood

    Your character has been approved!
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    Frankly, You're Terrible

    Frank banged a finger right into a wall in his flailing, probably spraining it. He groaned in pain and was just about to try using the wall to guide him when Maddie's next trick set in. Sharpe turned their head curiously and watched as Frank began screaming and scrabbling around like he was...
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    Private Overconfidence and Hostile Hubris

    Sharpe was not in fact between the two men's chests. Since they'd been flung into Frank's face they were actually more between their wielder's head and the enraged demon's chest. Not that it mattered a whole lot though. They were still flown up into the air and dropped like a sack of potatoes...
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    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Wow, what a brag. Too bad Tadashi didnt really care about school. Art class and art club, sure. The rest? Gross. "Don't think too fast. You'll get all old and wrinkly. Then maybe you'll feel bad for calling me little," Tadashi pouted. Annoyed that his sister was turning his concern into a chance...
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    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Giving up on the elusive tail, Tadasho instead just slowly mushed a gloved hand into Shiro's cheek as he replied, "I dont believe you about the test. But I'm not gonna push you- too much." Maybe a little push. "I just... Tomo left and it feels like every time I relax something bad's happening...
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    Fighting Past Failure

    Seyyal wouldn't admit it but getting back into it with someone who now wasnt just a shy beginner was kind of fun. Jazz definitely wasn't challenging her enough to push her to get better but maybe with enough time and practice with these new facets of her powers she could. Unfortunately she could...
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    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Shiro studying? Now that was suspicious. But joking aside, Tadashi knew Shiro tended to have a way with... bending the truth and disregarding rules. Tadashi grabbed at the offending tail on instinct after it tapped him on the head. "Well... you do get into a lot of stuff...," he replied with a...
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    Things will be fine

    Somewhere somewhat secluded, with plenty of natural elements and access to sunlight and/or moonlight. That was most important to her, and honestly kind of a fairly easy set of requirements to fulfill. It would be nice to call someplace their home. Or second home, since Ebbie couldnt just forsake...
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    Private Red eyes, Sharp teeth, Oh my!

    Tadashi, begrudgingly in human form instead of cat for the moment, looked around and then tossed the offending toast behind one of the bushes as they slipped outside. What Rafael didn't know wouldn't hurt him right? But the sunglasses and flinching drew Tadashi's attention. Breakfast rejection...
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    Private Overconfidence and Hostile Hubris

    Sharpe yelped in annoyed surprise as they were grabbed and swung around like a gorilla flinging a small child. Them being made of metal and sharp bits would have spelled disaster for a simple human like Frank. Frank who was caught in mid attack by the sudden move. The blow of solid steel...
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    October Monthly Challenges

    All 18 completed
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    Primary Ebbie Cedargrass

    Name: Ebbie Cedargrass Age: 24 Birthday: March 20 Gender: Female Species: Fae: Spriggan Category: Student Class: College Grade: 3rd Year College Major: Plant Sciences (Arboriculture specialization) Occupation: Assistant Arborist at Fairview Orchards Glamour/human form (Image is actress Emma...
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    Primary Violeta Escamilla

    Name: Violeta Escamilla Age: Appears 17, (chronologically 21 if she was still alive) Birthday: April 7 Gender: Female Species: Vampire Category: Student Class: College/1st yr Major: undecided Appearance Description: Pic source: official art of Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire Violeta...
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    Primary Colten Morey

    Name: Colten Morey Age: 26 Birthday: Nov 1 Gender: Male Species: Demon (Pride) Category: Student Class: College, Master's program College Major: English/Creative Writing Job: Novelist/Writer Appearance Description: Almost always well dressed in high quality clothing. Red eyes and horns and...
  19. PixelatedGlory

    Primary Tadashi Yoshimori

    Name: Tadashi Yoshimori Age: 15 years old. First 10 were spent as a cat Birthday: 2/13/04 Gender: Male Species: Yokai: Bakeneko Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 10th Grade Appearance Description: (Image is official art of Yashiro Isana from the anime "K". Eye color edited by me)...
  20. PixelatedGlory

    Primary Erione

    Name: Erione Age: 17 Birthday: June 25 Gender: Male Species: God of Glass Category: Student Class: High School Grade: 12th Grade Appearance Description: messy pink ear-length hair that usually has a few ribbons or hair clips in it Warm red colored eyes Dresses in seemingly random eclectic...
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