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Zare Image Reference, art by Pixel-Latte

Zare is by no means human, but he is humanoid. Primarily bipedal, Zares skin is a dark purple-brown. His eyes have black sclera, and his ears are pointed and just out from his head. His hair ranges from very dark red-brown near the roots to a much lighter red near the edges. He wears it in a side shave, keeping it fairly short. Zare also has prominent 9 inch slightly curled cold horns jutting out from each of his temples. Ignoring his horns, he's around 7 feet tall.

Zare's hands are oversized compared to a human, ending in a four-digit hand with prominent gold claws. The skin color on the end of his limbs is darker than his torso or face, and his feet end in small, relatively dainty paws. He also has dark colored puffs of fur around his ankles, a ruff around his neck, and raised hackles along his spine. The hackles along his back run down his large tail, which ends in a puff of hair in the same red-tones as the hair on his head.

Zare has several scars, the most prominent ones being on the right side of his jaw and one running vertically across his left eye. The inside of his mouth is a jarring yellow, and his teeth are quite sharp. He also has a tattoo on his right shoulder in a geometric pattern.

Zare's choice of clothes (when not forced into a uniform) tends to lean punk. He prefers ripped jeans, halter tops that show his shoulders, and collars if he's able to wear them.


Zare has lost himself, and now he's desperate to find himself. Once upon a time he believed that he understood his place in the world, but after being pulled away from home and sent to the island, he's realized that it's a lie.

Cut loose from his friends and family, Zare is doing what he can to rediscover himself, muddling through things and trying everything once in a desperate attempt to figure out what he wants. He's tossed his people's way of living, leaning heavily into technology and the nightlife, and is definitely living past his years, used to being treated as a full adult.

Being paused doesn't seem to have affected Zare much. If anything, it's a bonus chance at a fresh start, clear of some of his more embarrassing mistakes.

Venomaw are generally solitary predators, occupying their own territory and coming together only as needed. His instincts lean firmly in that direction, and Zare must make an active effort to not hunt, establish dominance, and mark his place regularly.


Venomaw Physiology: Despite the lyncathropic elements, Zare is still a Venomaw first and foremost. Generally speaking, he's three times as fast, strong, and durable as a human at their peak. His senses are equivalent to that of a peak predator, and he has excellent night vision. His claws and teeth were made for tearing, and when he reaches his prime (about mid-thirties), he'll no longer age, living to be around five hundred.

Poison Saliva: Zare's saliva is highly dangerous. While once more traditionally damaging, since being infected by the Blake strain of Lyncathropy it now possesses the ability to turn people. The Gift of the Black Wolf acts similarly to a saliva-bound virus, infecting anyone who ingests Zare's saliva beyond a trace amount. The Gift bypasses all other species that individual possesses, including undeath, and will transform them into a werewolf. The subject may retain vestiges of their former heritage. Werewolves created in this manner are magically inclined to obey Zare for one hundred days.


New Moon: When under a New Moon, Zare goes feral. He is no longer capable of rational thought, and is a danger to everyone around him. On the island, this means the night of a New Moon must be ridden out in a Moon Clinic.

Diet: Zare is a predator, and most of what he eat is meat (either raw or lightly cooked). Fruit and vegetables can be eaten without issue, but grains, dairy, and processed foods can only be eaten in small amounts without causing Zare to get sick.


The Venomaw are an isolated, solitary people, coming together only when necessary and largely keeping to themselves. That was how it was for Zare, living in the remote wilds, doing what he could to stay away from humans.

When Zare was fifteen, rumor began to spread among the Venomaw of his area of a bargain. Some Venomaw had begun to negotiate with a family of Weres, the Blakes, seeking to gain the gift for themselves. They believed that the Blake strain of lyncathropy would improve them, although the exact hopes varied. Some believed they'd be physically stronger, closer to the Blakes werewolf forms. Others believed they'd gain a human form, letting them pass among the humans without issue.

Zare was the unlucky test subject. Mauled and dying, Zare was bitten by a Blake, the blessing of the black wolf saving his life.

Unfortunately, that was more or less all he did. He gained no real advantages, was afflicted by the Blakes weakness to the new moon, and was susceptible to their control. Seeing the project as a failure, the other Venomaw abandoned Zare, leaving him with the Blakes.

Unable to hide him out in the wider world, the Blakes sent Zare to the island. He rushed through remedial, transferred to Dark Crystal Academy to chase a girl, and had been there six months, entering his senior year, when he was paused and forgotten by the entire Blake family.


Zare lives in the dorms under the care of a dorm parent, with no resources of his own to speak of.



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Lycanthropy Infected Venomaw
May 9th
Grade 12
Image Credits
Zare's design and the Venomaws species are by Melyuni. His main reference image is commissioned art by Pixel-Latte.

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