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Appearance Description:
Height: Human: 2.41 meters (7'11"). Sytran: 2.87 (9'5")
Weight: 82 kilograms (180.7 lbs)
Physical Build: Slim
Scales: Smooth, tinted Light Sea Green
Hair: Light Sea Green. Aquamarina in Sytran form
Eyes: Forest Green
Oddity: He actually has hair on his head and going down his spine and tail when in Sytran form.
Scars: An upside-down W scar on the back, between his shoulders. In his Sytran form said scar is slightly less visible, but the scales have grown slightly off-pattern around it.
Clothing Preferences:
  • Uniforms in general.
  • Clothes with light shades.
  • Teal or variations of cyan.
  • Cute casual clothes (specially with cartoon characters and the like).

Personality Description: Yvarn is a curious and kind lizardman who spends most of his time studying and some of it trying to have some fun around, so it is hard to feel bored around him and quite easy to pull him around to do something one might consider fun. Just don't try to drag him into anything illegal. It's impossible to tell what he likes or dislikes in terms of cuisine, except for his undeniable love for apple stuff, but when it comes to personal taste... Flying is one of his preferred ways to pass the time, and he is not a fan of people who either shady stuff or are serious all the time, but he is a huge fan of shows oriented for teens or children.

Active Abilities:
  • Atmosphere Manipulator - Beta
    As a Sytran aligned to the Air element, Yvarn is very well capable of controlling the flow of air within an area and within his very body, as such granting him some flight capability, survivability underwater provide he has some source of air around, air purification to the point of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen when the situation is dire, creating air cushions to slow or halt descent, or even creating air blades. The maximum effective range is 33 feet (or 10 meters), and he can't simply try to choke someone off, as it would affect his subconscious breathing as well and he loses control of the air the moment it enters someone.

  • Genetic Mimicry
    Another of his species ability, this one allows him to physically mimic any creature provided he consumes a genetic sample (blood, hair, scales, you name it), however his mimicry retains his own colors where applicable. Of course, they can't copy special abilities, so that means that copying a dragon may give them the form and physical durability of a dragon, but magical durability and fire breathing will be absent, for an example. Forms can be stored in his genetic memory for use later, but usually sticks to a few forms.

  • Breathing Recovery
    This ability applies to those in need by filtering impurities and limiting the air flow to essential levels Yvarn is capable of helping them calm down or regain consciousness. In other words, he's like a sentient air filtering or oxygen tank device for an emergency, with the added bonus to helping a panicked person focus on things when needed. Unfortunately, he needs to be within a few feet or one meter of the one they are helping, since direct contact is needed.

Passive Abilities:
  • Wind Sense
    It's like echolocation, but better in some sense and worse in another. He can feel anything that is within 6 meters (20 feet) from him, constantly aware of any small change on the air around him, being able to distinct shapes and speed to a subconscious level. The drawback, of course, is the small range and the fact he can be fooled: someone could swing a foam sword at him and he would mistake for a wooden sword easily, and the opposite being equally true.

  • Subconscious Breathing
    Tell him he's breathing manually and he won't even scramble trying to breath. His breathing is always steady even when knocked out, nervous, relaxed... At an all time, Yvarn is at his best when it comes to breathing. This comes as a minor consequence from his Atmospheric Manipulator nature and with the added perk of preventing impurity from entering his mouth and nose.

Weaknesses: None documented.

  • Created under request of Nyca Bywan & Evalor Vin Exoma III, Yvarn Bywan was born Proto-Sytran without Technopathy and promptly given true Sytran genes by his very parents, more specifically a drop of blood from both, symbolizing their bond as a family.

  • Given the best education his parents could afford, mainly given Evalor himself was a diplomat and Nyca was a retired interplanetary detective, he went to the best schools in Yriama, his home planet.

  • At young age he has shown to be a prodigy in a few practical subjects, but his major interest was shown when reading about this planet called "Earth", which they lacked some knowledge about.

  • After completing what would be high-school, he spent some time studying English for it was, at the time and knowledge they had, the most spoken language on Earth, and therefore most viable.

  • Once his studies were concluded, he took the interstellar ship to the one Space Station linked with Earth, promising to learn more and send everything he learns as he does his College Major there, more specifically in Starlight Academy.

Resources: Aside of what the school provides, he has an intergalactic communicator to stay in touch with his parents and retains his Sytran documents (which is a clear plastic-like display that auto-updates his status).

Additional Information:
  • Yvarn is fluent in English and a major variation of Egyptian, however he still hisses a little when pronouncing.
  • Interestingly, his body gets a reaction from apple-based products that is similar to that of alcoholic beverages.
  • His voice is similar to Axel's in Kingdom Hearts. Yes, both Japanese AND English.
  • Although he is a fast-learner, he prefers to learn things at his own pace.
  • Yvarn Bywan and Ezan Bywan (Basté Rose Bywan's father) shares the same Sytran ID Number (8926.1028.8687.9645.8005-24)
  • What's behind a name?
    • "Yvarn" has no meaning other than sound like "Wyvern", but inverting the syllable order reveals "Arnyv", old Sytran slang for "Wind Rider"
    • "Bywan" means "Seeker" or "Hunter" in Modern Sytran, but more often than not means the later.
  • A silly accident's backstory.
    • Yvarn gained the scar on his back because he wanted to show off his wind "mastery" to class mates. Not his smartest moment.
  • Distant love.
    • Yvarn once had a S.O. named Dijyan Ykilla, who was made in the same day he was and presumably same facility, however different parents. He regrets not telling her he left to Earth.
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