Xiraev Fisher

Primary Xiraev Fisher

  • Full Body
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Body: Muscular. Broad-shouldered. Most of his body except for his head and front torso is covered in black fur with spots of grey. Digitigrade cat legs. Six cat tails. Cold, dark grey-blue skin. Looks a little more lively (can blush, skin is warmer) after feeding from blood.
  • Face: Squared head. Fluffy beard. Pointy bat-like ears. Two horns. The top parts go upwards while the bottom parts curve backwards and under his ears. The tips are dark red.
  • Eyes: Five completely red eyes. Wears sunglasses for bright lights.
  • Hair: Dreadlocks in a medium-to-long ponytail with shaved sides.
  • Voice: Deep and relaxed. Authoritative. Uses a lot of AAVE unless he's doing serious business.
  • Clothing: Suits and formal casual.

Spacey: Xiraev has lived far longer than most people should. Immortal and secure in his survival, Xiraev views everything differently from mortals. Instead of viewing time in days, weeks, or months, he views them in decades, centuries, or millennia. He learned long ago how to fake empathy with other short-lived creatures. It's necessary when he regularly does business with them. Oftentimes he struggles with how quickly people age and times change, so he can't put off his plans too far in the future.

The biggest problem he has is his spaciness. If something doesn't grab his attention at the moment, he'll freeze like a statue (or dead body) until his attention is called back. Half the time he doesn't remember what he was thinking about while spaced out. There have been times where he has "left reality" for days, months, and years, while his children and friends helped out with his work. On Manta Carlos, he's been trying to stay more aware, but he still slips into "naps."

Authoritative: Xiraev gives off the impression of a trustworthy father figure you wouldn't want to talk back to. He exudes confidence while speaking with relaxed shoulders and his head held up high. When he speaks, he does not allow room for argument but makes sure to use a gentle tone. He is authoritative, not authoritarian. That difference, paired with his affinity for conversation and social outings, has made him a well-known figure in both high-class Narrow Reality and supernatural spaces.

Ever since arriving on Manta Carlos, he has had to relearn some of his skills. His aura helped immensely with persuasion. It's not as easy to get away with using that on the island, so he has to be more aware of how he presents himself without the use of magic.

Xiraev’s memory of his life is a bit of a blur, and much of it blends together so seamlessly that he has difficulty pinning down an exact timeline for himself beyond the past few decades. He remembers events and can generally put them in a location and era, but could not, for example, tell you which Roman emperor was in power when he did a particular thing.

His earliest memories, however, are of learning Cuneiform from his parents so that he could understand the writings of the ancient Akkadian people who worshipped them. He assumes they thought that the demons were some aspects or servants or a god like Ishtar. He does not remember much else about his parents, even their faces.

He recalls that piracy was a big concern and the American colonies rebelling were all the talk when he met his sire. The details are fuzzy, but he remembers the lessons. Learning to hide in plain sight, to only feed as much as he needed to, and ingraining himself in his community so that even if someone suspected him, it was their word against the word of a pillar in the community. Shipping companies were good, steady businesses that let him move himself and his slowly accumulating wealth wherever he needed to keep suspicion low.

He remembers all the talk of expanding westward and the looming American Civil War when he moved to America. All the people displaced by war were good stock to feed on and get that precious social clout for helping the less fortunate. Someone would eventually nark on him. That was until he took in his first supernatural tenant and realized that there was a niche population that he could help immensely while also saving himself the trouble of keeping occupants quiet about his inhuman tendencies.

Jazz was big when Xiraev realized he’d fallen full swing into his new life of being a beacon and shelter for the supernatural. But being forward-thinking, he also realized that he couldn’t maintain his lifestyle away from the city and the people. He started setting aside resources and contacts to move his countryside manor into New York City, and by the time that the first World War was kicking off, he moved the house and set up shop near the heart of civilization.

Xiraev kept his nose down and didn’t make trouble for the Scouts and Veil agents who would come to visit him from time to time and make sure that he really didn’t want to move his operation to Manta Carlos. He was comfortable where he was until news of the Disbelief started to settle in. The Narrow Reality was no longer a safe place to be supernatural. Getting in contact with some old witches' covens and the Veil agents, he worked out a solution that would let himself and his wards stay safe while he figured out how to make the spell that had gotten him to New York in the first place to work across dimensional barriers.

Active Abilities
Incupire: I Am Your Lord: Xiraev's long life and power have evolved him into a vampire lord. He can release a 6-meter aura forcing vampires and incubi to recognize him as a powerful member of their species, while others simply know he is someone to be respected and feared. His words sound pleasing to the ear unless he says something particularly abnormal, and vampires and incubi will have an easier time accepting his commands. This aura can only stay up for 5 minutes before needing an hour cooldown.

Incupire: The Succ: Inside of his Xiraev's body are blood and desire packs, two for each. Both must be filled for him to stay at full strength, which is about two pints for each pack. Feeding recently allows him to boost his physiology and powers for an hour and speed his regeneration significantly. He could bring himself back from the brink of death in exchange for going into a hunger-filled feral state from draining all of his packs. Feeding only on blood will weaken his incubus side, and feeding only on desire will weaken his vampire side. He can go without eating for three days before he starts starving. Three more days and he goes into a feral state. One damaged pack needs a week to heal, and during that time, he won't be able to feed to full strength. If more than one is damaged, the time to heal takes longer as all of his power goes into healing. If all packs are damaged, he has two weeks before dying from starvation.

To fuel his vampiric powers, Xiraev sees red threads inside his prey to pull into himself when drinking their blood. To fuel his incubus powers, Xiraev sees pink threads representing sexual and romantic desires are around most everyone. He can pull clumps of these threads into himself from 20' away from him, which becomes a liquid in his packs. After feeding on blood or desire, his prey will feel relaxed but tired. This can be avoided by feeding on multiple people.

Incupire: Shape-Shifting: Xiraev can transition between his natural form, a human form, and his full-fed, 14' form. The latter has bat wings featuring extra arms he can fly with, hooved legs, and a long prehensile tail.

Incubus: Your Dream Guy: By feeding on a person's desire, he can shift his body to accommodate their desires. His body will not change enough to look like a different person or become something different. The changes are only for pleasure and will disappear an hour after his last feeding.

Vampire: Earth Bed: Xiraev can sink deep into the Earth when laying directly on it. The dirt will then cover him and return to looking as normal. The same will happen when he exits the dirt.

Vampire: Siring: Xiraev can create weaker vampires by feeding a person on the brink of death a pint of his blood once for three days straight. They will have small traces of incubus in them. Xiraev has an immensely powerful bond with his "child," allowing them to sense each other's emotions and approximate location.

The Fisher House: Named for Xiraev’s connection to it and the metaphorical ties to the story of the Fisher King, the house is as much a part of him as he is of it. He can make it appear as any kind of home he wishes to have it fit in anywhere it is placed. What makes the house unique is that it is a haven for the Supernatural. The house always has enough beds and bathrooms for every occupant, each sized appropriately for the person living in it.

Likewise, the house is Xiraev’s domain in which he has utter control. No one may enter his home without his express and revocable permission, verbal or written. If he revokes permission while that person is in the house, the house itself will shift so that the only way they can go is out through the front door. If they refuse to leave, it will spit them and their belongings out onto the street. Likewise, violence cannot occur within the house unless Xiraev approves it. He is aware of all goings-on in his house but may offer privacy to his guests as he sees fit.

Most importantly though, the house is connected to Xiraev’s well being. So long as he is healthy and uninjured, the house will never require maintenance or upkeep, will repair the damage done to it in hours, and never need cleaning.

The newest addition to the Fisher House is a door in the basement that leads to an empty home on Manta Carlos. This home is truly vacant, and currently only acts as a focal point for a spell meant to allow people to enter and exit the Fisher House in New York City from the one specific location on Manta Carlos.

Passive Abilities
Incupire Physiology:
  • Is undead, does not age, and will live forever unless he is killed.
  • Does not need to blink, breathe, or make movements.
  • Skin is cold and greyish-blue until he fills himself on blood, allowing him to take on a more alive complexion from circulating blood flow.
  • Can easily lift and survive a crash with a truck, run as quickly as a cheetah for a long time without tiring, move as silently as a cat, and easily bite through skin.
  • Has supernaturally strong senses. He can see in the dark (his eyesight in light is lacking), smell a person's species, taste the air, hear long distances and focus in on things such as heartbeats, and feel small changes in a smooth surface.
  • Is immune to diseases and toxins.
  • Can go without sleep for a week before mentally declining. Can sleep with his eyes open.

Incupire: Surrounded by Prey: Fresh blood and adrenaline aggravate Xiraev's predatory urges, making his head feel fuzzy as his emotions take control. If fully fed, he can resist for 10 minutes before turning feral.

Incubus: Holy Weakness, Batman!: Holy items, water, and powers significantly damage Xiraev. Entering holy ground makes him weaker and more lethargic.

Vampire: It Burns!: Xiraev blisters and sizzles in the sun. Being exposed for more than 2 minutes will cause him to crumble into ash. It takes thrice as long to heal from his burns. Likewise, he requires the use of sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes from artificial and natural light. Lastly, when sunrise comes, Xiraev becomes lethargic. The higher the sun, the drowsier he becomes.

Xiraev is an investment banker off-island so he can collect data on supernaturals who he can offer his house to. The money Xiraev has accumulated over the years, with the help of his children, allows him a very luxurious life. He occasionally leaves the island to take care of his or his children's businesses.

Additional Credits
Backstory and The Fisher House were written by Kada. Bleedr profile.
First release
Last update
Incubus-Vampire Lord.
40s physically; 8,000 chronologically
Co-owner of The Welcome and Integration Society
Image Credits
Art by Kendigo.

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